BTN-Performance Poetry

Fact 1: ‘Solly Raphael’ wrote his first poem when he was 9.

Fact 2: Solly is the best slam poet in Australia.

Fact 3: Solly only has certain things he writes his poetry about.

Question 1: How much practice would he have to do?

Question 2: Was he ever scared?

Wondering: I wonder what got him into this?

Now a bit of the poem ‘Game Changer’ By Solly Raphael:

I am the magnetic field between the moon and the sea.

I am the quality in


I am the undiscovered myth in wordsmith.

I am the reality of my own big dreams.

I am the curve of the world that I can only just see.

I am a game changer.

100wc-… but they were exhausted…

Banks. Chisholm. Lawson. Macarthur. Who will come out on top? Lawson are just winning in a race, the last race. The other kid behind him was catching up. He crossed the line coming first. They had heavy breathing, they tried to take their prizes, … but they were exhausted, so I took the prize and gave it to my brother at home.

The next day we were finding out the scores. We gather in the Assembly.

“With 1027 points, is Macarthur. With 1383 points, is Chisholm. At second place we have… Banks with 1692!”

Everyone on Lawson screamed.

“And Lawson with 1951 points! Go Lawson!”

BTN-Humans in Space

Fact 1: Humans had not been into space until 1961

Fact 2: 8 years later (1969), Americans Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first people to walk on the moon.

Fact 3: ‘Skylab’ was the name of the first space station.

Question 1: Are Russia and America in a bit of a rivalry over space exploration?

Question 2: How is there gravity on Earth, but no gravity in space?

Wondering: I wonder what it would be like going on a fake space experience. Would they be the same or different?

100wc-… we seemed to be on the television…

We stared into the distance as we got teased and jeered at by all the cool kids. All the cool kids can laugh at us all they want. I don’t care. Bullies!

I go home that day and switch on the TV, sad and alone. A documentary is on about bullying. I’m surprised were not in it, but the surprise stops. I see my friend Jack and I on the TV.

I grab the phone.

“Jack,” I say. “We seemed to be on television,” I say slowly. He just happily screams.

He’s dreamed of being a celebrity for ever now!

BTN-Mars Experiment

Fact 1: The food is always packaged.

Fact 2: The dome is made for an experiment.

Fact 3: The bubble is only 11 metres wide!

Understanding 1: I understand that this would be a very hard thing to do

Understanding 2: I understand that the simulation would have to be quite serious because of the real scenario of you having to live on mars

Question 1: If Mars has non breathable air, then if we did set up a new community on Mars, would we have to wear spacesuits when we went out in the open?

100wc- Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty (98)

The Zoo! I LOVE the Zoo! It is great, and my favourite animal is the Yellow Gorilla. It is so cool. When we arrive I go straight to enclosure, my mum can’t keep up. I look at it running. It is a very pretty sight. I take hundreds of photos on my mum’s phone I think all the data was wasted. My day at the zoo was great, and as I run back over the brick road, I think how much I will miss this when I’m older, so I think I should soak it all in now.

100wc-…I wondered what was behind the door…

No way. It can’t be. I’m too scared. I shivered as I wondered what was behind the door. A horrible thing. A monster. A clown. Something that will haunt my dreams forever. I open the door to reveal something so frightening-no just my cat. His name is Lockjaw. Kind of scary I guess , but not what I thought it would be more scary.

3 hours later

There is a creak at the door again. I almost poo my pants. I open the door and a disgusting creature is waiting there, hungry for human blood…wait, no, it’s just my sister! Quite similar… (lol)

100wc-…it reminded me of a time when…

I don’t know how to explain this, but I will try. It all started when I went to get slurpies with my friend, Billy. I suddenly started seeing weird things. A big pimple on his forehead, only dirt flavoured slurpies and everyone around me looked sad, and grey.  It reminded me of a time when I was watching ‘Freaky Friday’, and things started changing weirdly. It really creeped me out. I went to the doctors the next day, and they said I was fine, maybe it was just a phase I was going through. I have been scared ever since.

Literacy Circles Week 8

Title: Then

Page 18-33

Vocabulary Expander

Word 1: Vital

Page 19. ‘I don’t like it either, but it’s a vital and important part of the plan,’

Meaning: absolutely necessary; essential.

Word 2: Brute

Page 20. ‘I try to get between Zelda, who’s cowering and whimpering, and the vicious killer brute,’

Meaning: a savagely violent man or animal.

Word 3: rears.

Page 24. ‘The horse rears up,’

Meaning: ??

Word 4: zloty

Page 29. ‘They’re worth more than four hundred zloty and two bottles of vodka.

Meaning: the basic monetary unit of Poland, equal to 100 groszy. 400 zloty is worth 150.63 Australian Dollar

Word 5: pleadingly

Page 31. ‘I look at the woman pleadingly,’

Meaning: the act of a person who pleads.


100wc-Picture Prompt

I stare at the giant hands. Something’s not right. There is something… lifelike about them.

The next morning I go to check out the hands again, but, they aren’t here… Am I in the right place? I check the sign. Yep, Preston Avenue. Maybe they got rid of them? I will definitely check tomorrow. Now I’m scared.

I go to sleep that night dreaming about the hands. What are they holding? A rope? I will never know because they are gone. Suddenly I hear a creak. I look at the door and see a massive hand statue in my doorway…