ALL KIDS SHOULD PLAY SPORT-Moderated Writing Task by me


First, sport is proven to get people active and fit. The Centres of Disease control and Prevention recommend sports participation as a way to keep a healthy weight and keep active. They say that 80% of kids play on technology for at least 3 hours a week when they could be playing sport.


Next, schools support sport. You should go into sport with a positive attitude because you will be doing a lot of sport in most of your school years. They support it by organising things like P.E (Physical Education), Interschool Sports, martial arts programs and more! I do interschool sports and it really gets you active!


Third, most of the time, sport is fun. If you are with a team or on your own, either way, it is made for fun. If you win or lose, who cares? Sport is made for getting active, cultural reasons and for fun!


Furthermore, sport teaches you skills and strategies. Sport teaches things like teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. In soccer, you need strategies to weave around other players; in footy you need a hard kick. In swimming you need to push your body to its limits to get your personal best and there are many more sports, don’t worry! There is a whole range of different sports for a range of different people. Don’t limit yourself!


Therefore, in conclusion, I think all kids should play sport because it gets you active, schools support it, its fun, it teaches you strategies and there are different sports for different people.  So, are you swayed? Because that is why I think all kids should play sport. Come on, tell your child to come on and give it a go!

BTN-Disaster Recovery

Fact 1: So many homes were destroyed

Fact 2: Entire villages have been submerged

Fact 3: The people got severely injured and needed medical assistance

Question 1: How bad was it?

Question 2: Was anyone killed?

Wondering: I wonder if I will experience something like this.