eSafety Webinar Reflection ft. eSafety Greg

Today we did an eSafety webinar about cyber safety as a cohort of all the 5/6s. We all were supposed to answer the questions in groups of two but the login did not work so we did it all together. We did well in answering the questions and got them all right. All of our knowledge on cyber safety put together made us all do really well in the webinar, which was kind of a test. It was about keeping private things in your home secure. It was called ‘My Home, My Rules’. Here are some notes that I took on the day:

Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the outside world. 12% of young people (grades 3-6) have experienced fraud or downloaded a virus to their device. Be safe and try to identify ransomware, viruses and scamming messages. Scamming messages do not always come from the people that you don’t know, some people who you think are your friends may betray you, scam you or cyber bully you. Keep all passwords strong.

How can you take action to protect yourself from things like this?

-Always try to identify a scam message by looking at what the message say and if something pops up on your screen, stop to read it. NEVER click on it first!

-If someone sends you are friend request it is OK to accept it, unless they start asking you for personal information, then decline them or just do not reply.

-If you do get a friend request, always come to school the next day and just let your friends know what has happened and ask them if it was them sending you a friend request, if it was then it is fine, if it is not, do not tell them anything.

-Do not use your real name on a game or website, choose a nick name, for example Zezdo23, because using your real name could be dangerous, and even that could be putting out too much information to the outside world.

-Never share your passwords.

-Set firewalls on things to keep them private.