Limericks by me


There was a man named Stew Boo-Boo

Who was best friends with Blew Poo-Poo

They spun all the night

To the left and right

Then they both had a big fat spew


I want some meat! Ya Yeet!

I wanted to eat some meat, meat, meat

I wanted my goat to bleat, bleat, bleat

Ya Yeet! Ya Yeet!

Ya Yeet! Ya Yeet!

Then the goat died, so I had some meat. Bleat!






The Magic Carpet-A pathetic life story


In Oakland, USA, my brother and I were playing We were going to go to the new op shop that is opening. It was opening at 12:00. We were playing on my phone while we waited. I am 16 and my brother is 14.

“What time is it Atticus?” I asked him.

“11:50,” he replied. We had 10 minutes.

*10 minutes later…*

We stepped inside the warm shop. It was a freezing day so we were thankful that the building had heating. But something stood out. We both noticed a carpet in the corner. Compared to everything else that was shiny and new, this carpet looked antique. It was INCREDIBLY dusty and had a beautiful pattern on it. I wanted it. I asked the man at the counter how much it was. The strange man at the counter stared into my soul with his strange, bird-like eyes. “15.00. I’ll give it to you cheap because it’s been here for too long,” he said in a strange sad kinda voice. We took the carpet home and lay it on the living room floor. When our mum came home she was really happy. She liked the carpet, but said it needed a dust down. We did that, and now it looks brand new. I left the room for a glass of water. I could hear something as I was filling my glass. Yelling or something. I gulped down my water and rushed to the living room.


The carpet was floating with my brother on top of it, though he wasn’t yelling anymore. He was grinning. We have ourselves a magic carpet. People stared at us but we didn’t care. We flew for hours and hours before returning back home for dinner.