Poem #2 BY ME!!!!!!


The blinding sun shining so bright.

The cold sea water splashing up against our warm skin.

The salty water also bitter in our mouths.

The chattering and laughter echoing through the whole beach,

so everyone can hear that we’re having a good time.

Memories being made.

Debate #2-Credit card use should be restricted (Featuring plastic money by smart songs)


Hello ladies and gentlemen, chair-person and timekeeper, today, my team and I will be telling you why credit card use should be restricted. But before I absolutely convince you of this, here is the affirmative team’s definition of the topic.


For the purpose of this debate, a credit card is a small plastic card issued by a bank that allows the holder to purchase goods and services without the exchange of any money, accumulating a bill. For this debate, restriction means limiting the amount you can spend on the credit card (a dollar value limit).

Do you hear all the popular songs these days? Ayo and Teo tell us that we need a Rolex. Snoop Dogg says he’s got a million-dollar boat, K.S.I tells us we all need to drive Lamborghinis’ and even BRUNO MARS tells us he has condos in Manhattan and jewellery shining so bright!!!!!

Popular culture influences us and popular music has a message – spend, spend, and spend.  Unrestricted credit card use lets you spend money you don’t have with the promise you’ll pay it back. I totally get it, it’s nice to have these luxury items in life.  But do we need them?  The answer is no.  If we do not restrict credit use we will encourage a generation of spoilt brats with no responsibility.


Unrestricted credit card use makes it really easy to buy things without thinking.  This can cause people to get into excessive debt before they know it.  Imagine this:

I’m going out tonight; I have plenty of clothes to wear but I’ll go buy a new outfit. Those shoes are cool and hey, that hat looks boss. I think I’ll buy those too.

In this situation this person was buying a new outfit that was completely unnecessary. Then they got distracted by other things they wanted to buy and bought more and more things. It’s too easy to spend money freely without thinking about the debt you have to pay back.   If the credit card use is not restricted the amount of debt that someone could build up is huge.  If the credit card was restricted for example to only a couple of hundred dollars then the debt would be manageable.

To summarise – without restricting credit card usage, it is amazingly easy for people to spend money they don’t have.  It also opens the huge risk of people building up excessive debt that they might not be able to pay back.

In conclusion I’d like to quote the words of a rap song supporting my argument that credit card use should be restricted:

Swipe the stripe on my credit card

It’s a magnetic bar

I slide it through the machine

to see if my credit is clean

if it is i’m in bizz

each month they send a bill around mine

if i don’t pay the minimum i get hit with a fine

plastic money it feels like magic magic

anything you imagine you need you just grab it

it’s not real money we’re talking about

when you get in debt it’s hard to get out

Thank you all for listening.

I am Poem


I am the brother who is the oldest.

I am the soccer player and soccer is my favourite sport.

I am the chess player and I think you should try playing it too.

I am the reader I read all the time.

I am the artist and I love to be artistic.

I am the writer and I love to write funny stories.

I am the downball player and I find it really fun.

I will be the school captain so I need to show the school values.

I am Zedekai.

100 wc-Describe your most treasured item without actually giving it away (88-Not including the last 14 words)


The beautiful shine is so bright. The gold silver and bronze so precious. With achievements written all over them. The green, red and blue colored ribbons on your neck. With help from your skill, your wit and sometimes your teammates, you get these things for winning something, or for being best of the best. Some people in life feel they should deserve these things for the things they do or are good at. But you don’t need one of these to be an awesome person, or a winner.

(Reveal of item in next post😝)

Have fun working it out, and good luck!

100wc-picture prompt


“Why did you smash that lightbulb???” Asked my mum angrily.

“I didn’t,” I said innocently.

“Go to your room! You are grounded!” my mum yelled.

I walked slowly to my room, hanging my head.

I slowly closed the door behind me. The lightbulb was in the hall way. I kept looking, and then, I saw little men fixing the lightbulb. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked. I rubbed my eyes, but no, I wasn’t imagining it. I walked out of my room slowly, not scaring the men away. I think one heard me, because it turned and waved.

Literacy circles-Connector connections-The game of the goose


Page 116 (Paragraph 3)-‘But she won’t wake up,’ whispered Rabbit. ‘It’s been hours. I’ve tried to wake her but she won’t get up.’ For a moment, the world became still. Rowley felt the breath stop in his throat. If I don’t breathe soon, he thought, I will choke. But if I do-

He gulped. He knelt down and leant over Fred. He reached out a hand and touched her skin. He bent right down and put his cheek on hers. He shut his eyes.

Then he sat up. He looked straight at Rabbit. ‘She’s dead,’ he said.

Text to self-I can connect to this, because for them it was kind of like a funeral for them, and I can connect, because I have been to a funeral.

Page 117 (Paragraph 5)-She was not alive. She had fallen and drowned in that horrible sea.

I can connect to this because a couple of days ago I saw on the news that someone drowned. Which means this can relate because it means people in real life are drowning in the sea.


BTN-Let the electricity flow


Stephen Gray invented a machine. A wooden frame that suspended two silk-rope swings. He also had a device, a ‘hauksbee machine’ to generate energy, which looks a little like this:



So there, at the Charterhouse, in front of a large audience of people, he got one of the orphan boys to lie across the two swings hanging from the wooden frame. He would place gold leaf in front of him. He was now able to generate energy and charged the boy through a connecting rod. Because of the generated power, gold leaf, even feathers lifted up to the boys fingers. Remember the audience? Well some of the audience members even claimed that they saw sparks while this was happening. But, Stephen Gray thought something else as well. Electricity could move. It came out of the machine, through the boys body and into his hands, which were making the gold leaves and feathers lift to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it. That meant the mysterious electrical fluid could flow through some things, but not through the hanging silk ropes. So this led Gray to divide our world into different types of substances, insulators and conductors. Insulators held electric charge inside them, and wouldn’t let it move. For example: Silk or hair. But electricity could flow through conductors, for example the boy or metals.

Fact 1: Energy was invented nearly 300 years ago.

Fact 2: Gold leaves can still be found in stores today.

Fact 3: Electricity can not travel through glass.

Question 1: Why would Stephen Gray get an audience to watch him create electricity?

Question 2: Was this like entertainment for them?

Wondering: I wonder what the bot felt after being used to make electricity.


CAMP-Recounts (Should have posted these a while ago, oops!)



I loved when we went surfing at camp. The experience we got was awesome. I really loved it because we got to catch waves and have so much fun in the water, and the coaches were very experienced and encouraging. All of them helped me catch a wave at least once when I was struggling to catch one. Even though I got some salt water in the mouth and the eyes, and copped a surfboard in the face 3 times, I still had great fun. It was also quite easy to learn, and now some of us may grow up to be very good at surfing, just from that one surf lesson.


I loved snorkelling because all the amazing creatures we got to see were extraordinary, I even found an interesting shell, and picked up several starfish. I felt very scared at the start of snorkelling because I had never done it before, but then I found out it was quite easy, just swimming and breathing. I also loved the feel of snorkelling goggles on my eyes. I studied all the fish carefully, and I think I saw the biggest starfish I have ever seen in my whole entire life. After that, snorkelling actually ended up to be my favourite part of camp, and one of the best things I’ve done ever.