BTN-Budget Taxes

Throughout the ages, only one thing was for sure, death and taxes. Taxes are something people are forced to pay, and their money goes straight to the ruler, or for us, the government. The government uses this money to build important things such as new hospitals, roads and much more. In movies the people who collect the taxes are the evil person or the rich person. In real life, people do not like people taking their money away, the same as cartoons. “Tax” has become such an im popular word, that the government has found a different way to describe it. They have all described it as a “levy” of some sort. Governments also collect tax in many different ways. The main tax and way they collect tax is income tax. Everyone in our country who earns over a certain amount of money has to pay income tax. I understand that that would be very frustrating. The more money you earn, the more you have to pay. But what is the use of getting payed if you will just have to give all your money away again? Here is another type of tax, goods and services tax or GST. This is collected when you buy something. Why would you have to pay more if you have just payed for what you want to buy? GST does not go straight to the government though, first you will pay it to the businesses when you buy most things, and they will pass it to the government for you, then all of this money goes to the states. There are also taxes for when we are older and have retired, taxes on petrol, health, companies, luxury cars, congestion and more! That is a lot of taxes! People pay at least one hundred different taxes a year  between the state and federal government. A while ago, the federal government at the time made a new tax. There was a new one on seeing a doctor, an increase in the petrol tax and increasing the amount of money for people who earn a lot of money.




Keys (for btns incase you did not know)

So, at the bottom of my BTN reports, you may know of the coloured words. That is the key. I do not colour the text to make it look pretty, it is for facts, questions and understandings. Facts are green, questions are red and understandings are purple. That was just a recap incase you didn’t know for the new people who haven’t visited. Don’t worry I will post regularly. Keep visiting the blog!

BTN- ‘Straya Day! (Australia Day)

We have a holiday on January the 26th? What holiday is that? You may be wondering what it is, well it’s Australia Day. The day that the european people came to Australia, also the arrival of the first fleet. On January 26th 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip landed in camp cove. There he said that from then on, Australia was a British colony. It was originally called foundation day and involved many reenactments of their first arrival. It was then changed to Australia and celebrated on the closest Monday to the real date, January 26th. In 1994 the states agreed to celebrate on the real date.

Australia day represents many different things for different people all over the world. I understand that it would be a miserable day for the aboriginals. For some it’s a day of holidays, partying and fun, but, for some it’s is a day of sadness and protest. I understand that most people who think this would probably be aboriginal, as they were the land’s first owners. In 1988 on the bicentenary, or the celebration of 200 years of australia day, around 15,000 aboriginals stayed to protest. Around 35,000 people come to the parliament house to celebrate Australia day live, and well known artists perform there.  Why do aboriginals hate this day so much? Does the government ever talk about australia day on TV?





100wc-Ladder, Goldfish, flew, brown, slowly (95)

I climbed the ladder to get my goldfish who slowly flew up into the air and onto my dad’s newly-built brown wooden roof. My dad will freak. He will kill me! How did this happen, you may think? Well here’s how it happened. I was taking my goldfish outside because I was asked to hang the washing, but I slipped on a stray sock lying on the ground. I slipped and goldie went flying.

“Nice story Brandon. Now really, why are you late?” asks Ms Lentel. I better think of some other good story, fast.

SRC Speech (this isn’t serious)

SRC Speech

By Zedekai

Hello fellow classmates, my name is Zedekai and I am running for an SRC representative for 2018. I have a brother in year 3 and a sister in prep. This is my 7th year at the school and I am happy to be in 5/6. I would like to be an SRC rep because I am committed. I will always help organise the meetings, and I will always come to them and get there on time. I will also help at the clubs, making sure they are organised, everybody is cooperating and everybody is having fun. I will consider all ideas from all people all ages.

I always show the school values. I respect everybody’s feelings, interests, ideas and property.

I am always optimistic. I am always trying to come to school happy and have a positive attitude towards learning new things. I am excited about learning new things this year.

I show care towards others by caring for them when they are in need. If they are hurt and need comfort, they can come and talk to me, I am definitely the right person for it.

I show the last value, collaboration the most. I am great at working in teams and groups. I will always show the school values.

I have been the vice captain of the winter sports soccer team, so I do have experience. I always made sure the whole team was collaborating. I always made collaborative game plans and we always had fun, even though we did not win any games. We also had lots of players who were less experienced or did not know how to play. They all did well and encouraged each other. I felt like, as a leader, I had to help them through the journey.

An issue that we need to fix is an air conditioner in the SPC. I will help raise money to fix it, and for all our charities. I also want to encourage more parents in joining the parents association to help raise more money, help the SRC and help our school grow, and help it stay as a great learning space. MPPS is where people will want to go, and I will make sure of that. Don’t worry, I will support the school in every way.

I would be willing, happy and honoured to represent my class in the SRC program.

Thank you very much for listening.


Animals should be kept in zoos!!


Firstly, I think animals should be kept in zoos because if we didn’t have animals in zoos, where would they all go? The animals cannot just live in the wild, otherwise we would have to many animal attacks in the wild.


Secondly, what would happen to zoos, it would ruin going to the zoos for people, and we all know kids love going to the zoo. No one could go to the zoo anymore because there would be no animals.



Thirdly, it would mean everyone who works at the zoo would lose their jobs, if it was a big zoo, then maybe hundreds of innocent people could lose their jobs if animals weren’t kept in zoos.


Furthermore, if we don’t keep animals in zoos because they wouldn’t have anywhere to go, it would ruin going to zoos for everyone and many people could possibly lose their jobs.


Junk food should be banned at school!

Here are some points on why junk food should be banned at school…

Firstly, if all kids were aloud, they would bring more and more every day. It would set a bad example for later coming children.

Secondly, it is very unhealthy. It will encourage children to eat more and more all the time and cause health problems.

Thirdly, it makes kids obese. 9 in 10 kids are obese because of too much junk food.

Furthermore, fast food should be banned from schools because they would set bad examples for later comers, it is very unhealthy and makes kids obese.


Remember that story The Bush boy well here’s the sequel. The last story.

Rick’s Story

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

If you don’t know what has already happened…

Rick, Alisha and Billy were running from a rabid wolf. Or that’s what Billy thought. They had been running for so long, so Billy knelt down to catch his breath. He soon realises that Rick and Alisha are missing. Seriously? Now he has to survive in the jungle on his own with no food or water. Can he do it? Or will he perish without even reaching his 20’s?


“OK kids. It all started in 1938, when I was born. I was living the life. And get this? My parents were rich. I was going to grow up to be a nice, rich young man. Until the fire came. It was caused mysteriously. Still, to this day, no one knows who caused the fire,” Rick said.

“Anyway. We didn’t all survive. Obviously I did, but my father didn’t. My mother was in tears, staring into the leaping, climbing flame. As she cried, I also stared into the charred black remains of our house. I was just born, so I had no idea what was going on. Before I knew it, my mother was sprinting, with me cradled in her arms. Now this part I remember clearly. She put me in a river and let me slowly float away. She was crying, waving sadly and slowly slipping away from me. I was still young, but here I knew that I would never see her again,” Rick looked off into the distance, at the smoking volcano on the mountain.

“What happened next Rick?” Alisha asked excitedly.

“Well, I was picked up by a pack of lions. They taught me how to be brave and strong. Soon, I was barrelling around the jungle on all fours, roaring.

Then, when I was old enough, I left the lions to survive on my own. So, when I was being chased by some huge iguana, I was taken in by the apes. They were a lot like humans. I soon learned the way of the human. They also taught me how to run, swing, jump and climb. I soon became very fast at running, strengthening my legs more and more every day. The only part I don’t know is how I learnt to talk. I first used to use grunts and hand gestures, then I started using words to communicate. Then I decided I will start to save other’s lives; by listening for help calls. My first rescue was a 10-year-old boy. I think he was trapped in a cave, with a little hole at the top that he couldn’t reach.

I swung there, on the branches of the trees, and climbed up the cave wall, just fitting through the hole. I grabbed the boy and climbed with him in my arms, through the hole. As I was saving him he told me that he and his parents had been on a holiday, and they had come across the cave. Then they had heard some rocks collapsing, his parents had been close to the mouth of the cave, so they had run to safety. But the boy wasn’t quick enough. The parents never heard his help calls, so they had assumed he had died. He said that he had been in that cave for months, surviving on rainwater. Hi skin was pale, and he said he was starving. I quickly gave him some dragon fruit. He was very thankful. I swam him to a small town. He thanked me again and went to live a new life. I have picked up many people in my life time. But never picked u anyone like you two. You were the only ones that ended up sticking with me. You were the bravest people that I have picked up,” He said, smiling. “And I will never forget finding you two,”

“And we will never forget finding you Rick,” I said. “You are the bravest person I have ever met,”

“Come on, I am going to take you home,” said Rick.

We had been with Rick for months. I don’t know how to explain it. I remember where I had first met Rick. On the shore line of the beach. We hiked to the shore.

“I’ll walk from here,” I said. “Thank you,”

“I can walk from here too,” said Alisha. “Wait, do you live in Mulberry too?” asked Alisha.

“Yeah I do. I have never seen you around here,” I said, surprised.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.

“Goodbye,” said Rick. He gave us both a giant hug.

He then ran up to a tree, hoisted himself up it, and swung away.

That was the last time I ever saw Rick Bones ever again.

(Remember that story, the bushman? Well here’s the sequel) NEW SEQUEL TO THIS STORY COMING SOON!!!!

The Bush Boy

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

If you don’t know what has already happened…

Billy Wesley has been picked up by a crazy bushman, Rick Bones, and they have been wandering the bush ever since, saving people’s lives. They have also bought a young girl with them, Alisha Allen, who is REALLY annoying. She just wants to get back to her normal life, but also wants to stay alive. Her only option is to learn the ways of the bush people, and to stick with Rick and Billy. She just wants to stay around a bit longer, because if it wasn’t for Rick and Billy, she would only have one singular leg…


We smashed through the bush, our calves burning. We had been running for hours.

“Rick! I think it’s gone!” I yelled. I didn’t get an answer. It must mean stop. We were running from a huge rabid wolf. Buckets of sweat pouring from my forehead, my clothes drenched, as if they had just come out of the washing machine. My body heavy, I came to a slow stop. I slumped down against a tree. Something was wrong. Something was…missing. “Rick,” I turned around. Rick and Alisha were gone.


“Rick? Alisha? Where are you?!” I yelled through the whole jungle. I ran even more. It felt like an endless room, covered with green wallpaper and carpet. I think the wolf must have got them. I found a trail of some kind of dog’s footprints. Wolf footprints. It was going in the opposite direction to the way we ran. I ran and ran. But something made me top in my path. I found a wolf. It was the wolf that had been chasing us, I recognised the scar over its lip. I also saw that it was lying on the ground. I cautiously put my hand on its body. It wasn’t breathing. I also saw that it’s eyes had been gouged out. I stared into the two small holes of black abyss. Then I saw the knife. There was a knife with a woven leaf handle. At the end of it, it had a small tooth of some animal hanging of it. I pulled it from the wolf’s body. Trying not to make blood ooze everywhere. I recognised the knife. It was Rick’s. He had killed this wolf.


I ran past the wolf and spotted more clues, I found a rag, it had been ripped from a fabric. A dress. Alisha’s dress. The flowery pattern flashed in my mind. It had probably been torn on this branch, where I found it. Then I found a red bandana. Straight away, I knew his was Rick’s. I kept running I found a locket. It had an ‘A’ engraved on the front of it. It was a beautiful. This was Alisha’s, I remember seeing it around her neck the first time we met. I opened it with a small click. I saw two pictures; a man and a woman. I guessed they were Alisha’s parents. I had been running for hours and hours. Where the hell are they? I thought. I haven’t found any more signs of them. Oh, I’m so tired. I panted and panted. I stumbled over, I couldn’t breathe. I closed my eyes.




When I woke up, I felt like a zombie. The blinding sunlight shined in my eyes as soon as I woke up. My legs were stinging like mad.

“OW!” I yelled. My legs had been bitten by bugs. I grabbed a long leaf off a tree and wiped the blood of my leg, smearing some green substance on my leg from the broken leaf. I walked a bit further, and found an aloe vera plant. Thank you! I thought. I wiped some of it on my scabby bug bites. I walked on. I was really hungry, and also thirsty. I had to find food and water fast. I really felt like I was going to starve, then I saw the coconut. I scrambled up the tree as fast as lightning. I tried sweeping my arm and grabbing the coconut, but missed, and slid roughly down the tree. I tried again and again, but just couldn’t reach. I was starting to become hangry. I am so angry and hungry. I couldn’t take it! I jump the highest I have ever done before. I swiped the coconut and slammed back down on the ground, landing on my feet, slamming the hard ground beneath me. I grabbed the coconut and cracked it open against my knee. I didn’t care about the pain, all I cared about was the coconut. I slurped the cool coconut water down my throat, not even wasting a drop. I felt so much better.

“Ahh,” I said, relieved. I hadn’t had something to drink in a very long time. But I was still hungry. I searched and searched for food, and just as I was about to give up, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A mango tree. I grabbed all six of them and ate them slowly, savouring the delicious, sweet taste. After I had eaten all six, I kept searching for Rick and Alisha. I looked and looked more and more. Days passed, weeks. Maybe even months.

“Fire!” I heard people yelling. I ran to where they were. Finally, civilization. I ran straight to where they were and helped them put out the fire. When the smoke had cleared, I saw that I was in a small wilderness camp.



“Thank you so much!” I heard a young girl say. I recognised the voice. It was Alisha’s voice. I spun around as quickly as I could.

“Billy!” she said as she saw me. “I had no idea it was you,”

“I have been looking for you two for months, where did you go?” I asked. As I said that, Rick came from behind her. He looked at me sternly, with his deep, dark blue eyes.

“We have been looking for you everywhere too!” said Rick. I put my hands in my pockets.

“Yow!” I said. Rick’s knife. It was still in my pocket and it had given my finger a little cut. I handed the knife to him.

“Ahh. Thanks mate, thought I’d lost it, stabbing that wolf back there,” he said.

“Why did you run away? I’d thought I’d lost you and I’d have to live in the wild on my own, surviving 0n fruit and coconut water!” I said.

“That’s how I survived out here. Been out here twenty-nine long years,” He said.

“Rick, how did you get stranded out here?”



Literacy Circles-How to eat fried worms-by Thomas Rockwell

Passage 1-Blurb (back of book)

“I bet you fifty dollars you can’t eat fifteen worms,” 

With a simple “okay” the bet is on.

Fried worms, boiled worms, worm sandwiches, worms with peanut butter…however he eats them, Billy must eat 15 worms in 15 days. Will he win? Or will Alan and Joe find a way to stop him walking away with their fifty dollars?

I chose this passage, because it surprised me, because in the movie, Alan is on his side, and Joe is the one who thinks he can’t eat 15 worms.

Passage 2-Page 6Paragraph 2

I will get someone to read it out.

I also found this surprising, because in the movie, Billy has a very weak stomach.