BTN-The Solar System

Fact 1:The solar system is 4.5 billion years old

Fact 2:The solar system moves at 200,000 kilometres per hour

Fact 3: The sun is at the centre of the solar system

Question 1: How many planets in the solar system are extremely hot?

Question 2: How long has the big red dot been raging on Jupiter?

Understanding: I understand that if humans could live on Mercury, it would be very hard to.


Writing Task-The Mistake (1000 words!)

Oof! I land on my back, hard. I think I think I heard my bones cracking that time. I keep trying. I always do. Coach Jordan couldn’t even be bothered coming today, so I’m out here. Alone. In the rain. Sweat and rain poor down my face at the same time in buckets, but you can’t tell which one is which. I have been trying to master this kick; the bicycle kick for a long time now, I can’t keep track of how long. And I’ve never made it once. How does Ronaldo make it look so easy?


“Hey mum,” I say grumbling miserably. I slam the door behind me as I walk inside.

“Hey my soccer star, how did it go?” she asks me happily and excitedly. That’s weird about mum. Always happy, and gets things right all the time, first try. It’s like she has no problems. I wish I could be like her. I walk straight past her without answering. Her wide grin turns to just a hint of a smile. She knew I STILL had not made the kick yet. I take off my muddy ‘Manchester United’ jersey and my shorts and put them into the wash. I go upstairs and change into my pyjamas. I am still dirty, but I do not feel like having a shower or eating. I feel like I want to puke, fall into a hole that will open up on the ground to suck me up. Something…


The next day I do the same. Get a new jersey out, Neymar this time, and practice the kick again. Over and over. The first kick I did actually came closer than ever before. I actually made contact with the ball. That is an achievement for me. Am I mastering it, or is it just plain luck? I notice my friend Jack is watching me. Now, I would not say Jack is a good striker, I would say he is a GREAT striker. He has scored the most goals in this half of the season. He leads for the title by eight goals! He sometimes comes to watch me, but he has never asked me this before…

“Can I have a go?” he asks. I look at him puzzled and surprised.

“Sure, but I think you will fail,” I say, smiling smugly. He will fail. I know he will.


CLANG! Thoomp! The ball skids the back net.

“Crossbar goal,” Jack says, whooping, after scoring his forty-second bicycle kick goal in a row. He mastered it first try. How?

“We have a game tomorrow,” he says. “And I’m pumped,”

We are one of the best teams this season because of Jack. We are The Purple Dragons. Our fifth game is tomorrow. I’m excited.


Game 5: The Purple Dragons vs The Leprechauns. This team is good. They are all Irish.

We won. 2-0 Our way. Jack scored both the goals, but no bicycle kicks were scored.

Game 6: Purple Dragons vs Brunswick United FC. 3-1 our way. My other friend Bill scored 2 goals and assisted another goal, a header goal by Steve, but still, no bicycle kicks were scored.

Game 7: Purple Dragons vs The Cobras. It was a 2-2 draw. Their striker booted 2 goals past our goalie in the first half. We had an eye on winning that game, but I missed the penalty that would have given us the win. Jack scored a goal again, and Fred scored a goal too.

Game 8: Our last game, because of the BYE next week.

Jack comes towards me, limping. Why is he limping?

“Hey dude,” he says. “I hurt my leg. I can’t play,”

“W-What?” I stammer. “But you’re our best striker,”

“I’m sorry. I can’t,” He replies. He forces a weak smile. “You go, striker, just for this game,”

Whatever he says. Jack is my best friend, of course I will go striker for him.

The whistle blows. We kick off. Nothing happens most the game.  Some shots and attempts from both teams, but no goals. After the first half, it’s still 0-0.

*5 Minutes Later*

The whistle blows again. They kick off this time. Bill steals the ball and makes an attempt for goal. He shoots, but the keeper just saves it. It rolls over the sideline. Our corner. Bill is our best corner taker. He can bend the ball the best. He does an amazing curve, and I realise that I have a chance for a goal! A bicycle kick goal! It is coming straight at me. This is my chance to do a bicycle kick. I throw my body up and swing my leg forward hard. I make contact. I land on my back really hard. I rub it for a while. I look over at the opposition goal, but the ball is not there. Huh? I look at the players, their team’s players and my team’s players. They are gaping like fish. I turn my head slowly to look at our goals. The ball is in the goals! I AM HORRIFIED!  I had scored an own goal bicycle kick from the other side of the field. I can’t believe it. My team can’t believe it. 0-1 their way. Can we get this win back?


We have so many attempts and close shots. We try everything, but nothing works. No one passed to me the whole half. They hate me. I might lose the season for them; after all, this is the finals game. One goal will save us. One goal will take us to penalties. The three whistle blasts blow to signal the end of the game.

“Good job, bozo,” says Bill shoving past me.

“You made us lose loser!” Jim says.

I am rained with abuse from every player. I guess I deserve it. I did just lose the finals for our team. I see Jack walking off slowly with his crutches, shaking his head. I am so disappointed. I am such an idiot! What a mistake!




Writing-Show Not Tell

“GOOOOOALLLLL!” yelled the commentator. The whole stadium went up in loud cheers. Half the stadium stood up, screaming. My shoulders dropped. I let out a massive sigh and look down at my can of lemonade. As the ball flew into the net I knew that we would lose 2-1. Play on I guess… The ball was booted into the crowd, when I realised it was coming right at me! I got up and tried to catch it, but the person next to me, a fat man, got in front and snatched it out of my grasp before I could catch it. I slumped back into my seat and took a long, sighing sip of my lemonade.

eSafety Webinar Reflection ft. eSafety Greg

Today we did an eSafety webinar about cyber safety as a cohort of all the 5/6s. We all were supposed to answer the questions in groups of two but the login did not work so we did it all together. We did well in answering the questions and got them all right. All of our knowledge on cyber safety put together made us all do really well in the webinar, which was kind of a test. It was about keeping private things in your home secure. It was called ‘My Home, My Rules’. Here are some notes that I took on the day:

Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the outside world. 12% of young people (grades 3-6) have experienced fraud or downloaded a virus to their device. Be safe and try to identify ransomware, viruses and scamming messages. Scamming messages do not always come from the people that you don’t know, some people who you think are your friends may betray you, scam you or cyber bully you. Keep all passwords strong.

How can you take action to protect yourself from things like this?

-Always try to identify a scam message by looking at what the message say and if something pops up on your screen, stop to read it. NEVER click on it first!

-If someone sends you are friend request it is OK to accept it, unless they start asking you for personal information, then decline them or just do not reply.

-If you do get a friend request, always come to school the next day and just let your friends know what has happened and ask them if it was them sending you a friend request, if it was then it is fine, if it is not, do not tell them anything.

-Do not use your real name on a game or website, choose a nick name, for example Zezdo23, because using your real name could be dangerous, and even that could be putting out too much information to the outside world.

-Never share your passwords.

-Set firewalls on things to keep them private.

Letter to Libby


My name is Zedekai. I have a brother named Atticus, who is in grade 3 at the school. I also have a sister at the school who is in prep. We have a dog named Chi-Chi that we adopted at the end of 2016. He is a Pomeranian crossed with a chihuahua. I also like rapping and making up my own lyrics to raps.

My favourite things to do include drawing, playing soccer and going to car shows. I draw to help me think and just for the fun of it. I have an art box full of it. I also like doing coding. I have a Scratch account and really like coding on it. I am still getting better at it though, because I still can’t create really good games. Sometimes my Mum uses it as wrapping paper for presents because I have heaps from when I was little.. I play soccer to keep active and to get better at it. I play soccer at Strathmore High. I have won medals for soccer.

I like building lego and my room is full of already built sets that we have hung or displayed on shelves. I also like playing chess. I mostly with my brother even though he is better than me. I have also won trophies for chess and go to chess club. I am also looking forward to a chess tournament if there is one this year. I also have a story published and the book with my story in it is being published soon.

I am not the only one who likes going to car shows though… my whole family likes going to car shows. It is like cars are in our blood. I collect marbles, pokemon cards, car models, old and different country country coins.

My favourite authors are Brian Selznick, R.L Stine, John Flanagan and Emily Rodda.

They are all great writers and they all write the books I like to read. I like reading mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action books. Reading is quite fun.

One of my favourite books is ‘The Blood Guard’ (By Carter Roy), I also like ‘The Marvels’ (By Brian Selznick) and ‘Wonderstruck’ (By Brian Selznick).

I am looking forward to teaching the new year 5s things that we did last year. I am also looking forward to Crazy Cash and Winter and Gala Sports and being the School Captain.




Limericks by me


There was a man named Stew Boo-Boo

Who was best friends with Blew Poo-Poo

They spun all the night

To the left and right

Then they both had a big fat spew


I want some meat! Ya Yeet!

I wanted to eat some meat, meat, meat

I wanted my goat to bleat, bleat, bleat

Ya Yeet! Ya Yeet!

Ya Yeet! Ya Yeet!

Then the goat died, so I had some meat. Bleat!






Animals should be kept in zoos!!


Firstly, I think animals should be kept in zoos because if we didn’t have animals in zoos, where would they all go? The animals cannot just live in the wild, otherwise we would have to many animal attacks in the wild.


Secondly, what would happen to zoos, it would ruin going to the zoos for people, and we all know kids love going to the zoo. No one could go to the zoo anymore because there would be no animals.



Thirdly, it would mean everyone who works at the zoo would lose their jobs, if it was a big zoo, then maybe hundreds of innocent people could lose their jobs if animals weren’t kept in zoos.


Furthermore, if we don’t keep animals in zoos because they wouldn’t have anywhere to go, it would ruin going to zoos for everyone and many people could possibly lose their jobs.


Junk food should be banned at school!

Here are some points on why junk food should be banned at school…

Firstly, if all kids were aloud, they would bring more and more every day. It would set a bad example for later coming children.

Secondly, it is very unhealthy. It will encourage children to eat more and more all the time and cause health problems.

Thirdly, it makes kids obese. 9 in 10 kids are obese because of too much junk food.

Furthermore, fast food should be banned from schools because they would set bad examples for later comers, it is very unhealthy and makes kids obese.


Literacy Circles-How to eat fried worms-by Thomas Rockwell

Passage 1-Blurb (back of book)

“I bet you fifty dollars you can’t eat fifteen worms,” 

With a simple “okay” the bet is on.

Fried worms, boiled worms, worm sandwiches, worms with peanut butter…however he eats them, Billy must eat 15 worms in 15 days. Will he win? Or will Alan and Joe find a way to stop him walking away with their fifty dollars?

I chose this passage, because it surprised me, because in the movie, Alan is on his side, and Joe is the one who thinks he can’t eat 15 worms.

Passage 2-Page 6Paragraph 2

I will get someone to read it out.

I also found this surprising, because in the movie, Billy has a very weak stomach.

Poem #2 BY ME!!!!!!

The blinding sun shining so bright.

The cold sea water splashing up against our warm skin.

The salty water also bitter in our mouths.

The chattering and laughter echoing through the whole beach,

so everyone can hear that we’re having a good time.

Memories being made.