Herald Sun Kids-A huge rip in the ground in Africa

Fact 1: Scientists believe that Africa is splitting in two.

Fact 2: The big split was created by a flood.

Fact 3: In around 50 million years the tectonic plate of Somali will split in two completely!

Question 1: Did anyone fall into the hole?

Question 2: If people are still on the earth in 50 million years, how will the people deal with the whole continent of Africa splitting in half?


Wondering: I wonder how the people would prepare.

100wc-…but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I told you exactly what to do! The King needs his wedding cake by noon!” I yelled.

“But I didn’t understand the instructions!” said the baker. “I thought you said cupcakes,” he says taking out a tray of them.

“That’ll have to do…” I said, taking the tray out to the wedding room.

I show them to the prince. He looks at them once and slams the tray to the ground and the tray hits is with a thud.


I was fired that day.

Herald Sun Kids-Hawaii Volcano

Fact 1: The Volcano in Hawaii had an earth quake after it which got up to a magnitude of 6.9!

Fact 2: The earth let out toxic gasses and some parts of Hawaii were not safe because of this.

Fact 3: Most of the volcanic activity is around the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas or towns of the Island of Hawaii, also called The Big Island.

Question 1: How did gasses come out of the ground?

Question 2: How can eruptions occur under water?

Wondering 1: I wonder how these people felt after all he terror. Isn’t this basically what happened to Pompeii, a city in Rome?

100wc-Picture Prompt

My breath cold. My whole body is shaking and my back pressed against against the wall. I look around the blind corner of the wall. There I see the giant golden maned beast standing there, it’s teeth gritted and dripping with saliva. This is the problem with being a night zoo keeper, you could be eaten alive. All I did was try to feed the lion and it got out, and it’s hungry and after me. All I do is run. I sweat till my body can’t squeeze any more sweat out of my sweat glands. Oh no! Dead end…



Kids News:Extreme Weather (Herald Sun)

Question 1: What did these people do to save themselves from this terrible weather?

Question 2: Did they find out what caused the Cyclone?

Fact 1: After the bad weather about 23,000 homes were still without power.

Fact 2: Peoples belonging were still floating around after the incident like Peppa Pig (the toy not actual Peppa Pig 0_0)

Fact 3: A bushfire destroyed up to 70 homes!

Wondering: I wonder if we will have extreme weather in melbourne any time soon.


“Stop the car!” I shouted. “Come on dad your driving too fast,”

“No I can’t stop,” he grunts back. His body is stiff against the acceleration pedal.

It is a misty day and we are driving at high speed. I can’t take this anymore. I push him to the side to try to get him to push it. I grab the steering wheel and frantically jerk it to the side. We start weaving through all the lanes including the bike lane.  Suddenly the car flips. Our crimson red car flies through the air. We crash. I visit dad’s grave everyday.

Btn-Anzac Day (Sorry, colour code stuffed up again)

This article talks about a boy named Anzac. He is the fifth person in his family with that name. They have all been named this in memory of his great, great grandfather. He was listed in the army in 1950, and this was a big deal because he was aboriginal and married. This was when the aboriginals weren’t considered as citizens if Australia. Australia’s first part of the war was Gallipoli. They were told it was going to be easy. Why would they say that? I understand that no war is going to be easy. He survived the first war then went to Egypt, then France. Then, was reported missing. Later, in 1960, they found out that he died in action of the war. He was one of 60,000 Australians that died in World War 1. His medals were returned home by his great, great, great grandmother. Then, soon they got given to Anzac’s family. Those medals are the originals, and are probably quite hard to find. Now they celebrate Anzac Day, and not just for Gallipoli, but for people who have risked their lives fighting in the war and protecting our country.

100wc-Picture Prompt

My dad is an inventor. He invented a giant pair of robotic legs that we can ride. Today we tested them.

We ran through the trees and the streets, as if no-one even knew we were there. It was the best thing that I had ever done in my entire life.

“These are the world’s first pair of giant robot legs,” said my dad, flicking a switch on the remote. The legs went faster.

“Oh no!” I scream. My dad and I fall off the pair of legs and watch as they run away. They smash a building over. CRASH!

BTN- What is Democracy?

The persians were planning to attack ancient greece long ago. They thought they should do something, so they decided to fight. That is what the leaders agreed on. They did not talk to the city first, and not everyone wanted to choose to fight. Later, thinking that they needed a solution to this, the greeks made up democracy. Democracy is a mix between two greek words: Demos, which means people and Kratos, meaning power or rule. Together, it means ‘rule of the people’. They said they let everyone vote, apart from slaves, women or anyone poor. I understand that only wealthy men could vote. I understand that it was probably quite hard for all women slaves and not so wealthy people who wanted to vote, but were restricted not too. Their system was revolutionary, but not so fair. New rulers came and went (for example, King John) and democracy soon died out. By the middle ages, monarchy was popular, so kings and queens ruled and people did not get a say. Did the people choose to change that? As we know, the Magna Carta was signed and after some years, democracy started back up again. The ancient greek strategy was then used again. Today, democracy is STILL used! Other countries are not in democracy, some are in monarchy, a form of government with one monarch as the ruler. Do any 3rd world countries have any forms of government like democracy?




Here is the link: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4460249.htm


100 wc-Picture prompt (ENJOY!) (Mbao actually means wood if you were wondering…)

This is the Mbao tribe. Mbao means wood in african. This is a very mysterious tribe and they are always practicing their arts of chi and kung-fu. Their tribe does not live today but they are still remembered. You can find a park somewhere in africa all about the mbao tribe. The people were not actually made of wood, but they wore wood armour to be protected from attackers, invaders and the other wildlife around them. If you ever spot this tribe, never take pictures or videos because they could think you’re threatening them. They’ll use their kung-fu on you.