Herald Sun Kids-A huge rip in the ground in Africa

Fact 1: Scientists believe that Africa is splitting in two.

Fact 2: The big split was created by a flood.

Fact 3: In around 50 million years the tectonic plate of Somali will split in two completely!

Question 1: Did anyone fall into the hole?

Question 2: If people are still on the earth in 50 million years, how will the people deal with the whole continent of Africa splitting in half?


Wondering: I wonder how the people would prepare.

Herald Sun Kids-Hawaii Volcano

Fact 1: The Volcano in Hawaii had an earth quake after it which got up to a magnitude of 6.9!

Fact 2: The earth let out toxic gasses and some parts of Hawaii were not safe because of this.

Fact 3: Most of the volcanic activity is around the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas or towns of the Island of Hawaii, also called The Big Island.

Question 1: How did gasses come out of the ground?

Question 2: How can eruptions occur under water?

Wondering 1: I wonder how these people felt after all he terror. Isn’t this basically what happened to Pompeii, a city in Rome?

Kids News:Extreme Weather (Herald Sun)

Question 1: What did these people do to save themselves from this terrible weather?

Question 2: Did they find out what caused the Cyclone?

Fact 1: After the bad weather about 23,000 homes were still without power.

Fact 2: Peoples belonging were still floating around after the incident like Peppa Pig (the toy not actual Peppa Pig 0_0)

Fact 3: A bushfire destroyed up to 70 homes!

Wondering: I wonder if we will have extreme weather in melbourne any time soon.

Btn-Anzac Day (Sorry, colour code stuffed up again)

This article talks about a boy named Anzac. He is the fifth person in his family with that name. They have all been named this in memory of his great, great grandfather. He was listed in the army in 1950, and this was a big deal because he was aboriginal and married. This was when the aboriginals weren’t considered as citizens if Australia. Australia’s first part of the war was Gallipoli. They were told it was going to be easy. Why would they say that? I understand that no war is going to be easy. He survived the first war then went to Egypt, then France. Then, was reported missing. Later, in 1960, they found out that he died in action of the war. He was one of 60,000 Australians that died in World War 1. His medals were returned home by his great, great, great grandmother. Then, soon they got given to Anzac’s family. Those medals are the originals, and are probably quite hard to find. Now they celebrate Anzac Day, and not just for Gallipoli, but for people who have risked their lives fighting in the war and protecting our country.







Kids from Aberfoyle Park High school have created some games, thanks to coding.

Fact 1-There are different colours of letters or blocks depending on the type of code you are using.

Fact 2-Coding language is called ‘Python’

They work as teams to design games, and then, when they are finished, they give their finished code to their teacher, who then emails them to an app store.

Fact 3-This is the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under it’s own name.

Coding is definitely going to be a big part of technology in the future.

Question 1-Would coding complicated games with many levels be very hard compared to our coding website we use? (Scratch)

Question 2-Why do they encourage coding in that school so much?

Wondering-I wonder if any of their games will become very popular and famous?


BTN-Weedy sea dragons

15 Kilometres from Sydney, is what they call ‘dragon territory’. If you jump in, you can see the weedy sea dragons. They are interesting little creatures that float around amongst the seaweed. They are native to Australia and they are related to the sea horse. They can be found in the waters mostly off the east and south coast. They drift around in the water and they blend in with the kelp and seaweed. But, they are becoming harder and harder to find, and not just because of their good hiding skills. They used to be quite common on the north side of Sydney, but now they are not common at all. If you’re lucky, you can see one, but sometimes, you don’t see any. Instead of catching them and tagging them, all of the ones that are found, they are asking the finders to take pictures of them and send them in. They are using special software to look at the special, unique patterns on their bodies. They give them names every time they get a new pattern. Weedy sea dragons are classified as near threatened. But scientists think that this research could provide enough information to get them listed as endangered. They think that climate change is part of the problem. The rising temperatures kill the kelp, and it leaves them homeless.

BTN-Tasmanian Devils

A few years ago, BTN reported that the Tasmanian Devils were suffering from a life threatening disease. Many zoos have been trying to keep them alive by using a special breeding program, that might save their lives. Tasmanian Devils population has been cut down by more than 80% and they are now an endangered species. People believed that Tassie Devils died out a long time ago, to be precise, about 400 years ago.

Tasmania used to be the only place where you could find Tassie Devils in the wild, but when Europeans settled in, the animals were being hunted because they were eating all the settler’s chickens. Now, Tasmanian Devils are protected by law. But, since the mid 90s, they have been suffering from a very bad disease. It’s called the Facial Devil Tumour  Disease, and it’s a special kind of cancer, because it’s contagious. We don’t know what causes it, but it happens when the devils bite and scratch each other. The tumours build up around their face and mouth, and it spreads, till it gets so bad, that the devil can’t eat, then, the devils sadly starve to death. Once they have gotten it, they usually only have 6 months to live. Tasmanian Devil babies are called joeys, and are no bigger than a grain of rice. The mother usually has 30 babies, but because it only has 4 teats, only 4 of the babies make it. So far in the Devil’s breading program, they have breaded more than 50 joeys. But it has been a bit challenging, because for some reason, devils born in captivity don’t get pregnant as easily.  The zoo keepers don’t know why, but they are finding out. The goal is to bread a bigger population of Tassie devils, incase the ones in the wild die out. As the disease spreads, we are still finding the cause and the cure to this horrible disease. Otherwise, the ones we see in captivity, will be the last ones we see.


Australia is the second biggest producer of rubbish in the world. Every year, each average Australian throws out almost 700kg of rubbish. Most of the stuff goes to landfill. Some stuff takes years to break down. It’s a big problem, but we can help it. People from *keesap are going to a near by school to show them how much rubbish they throw out each day. Many things that were in there were interesting. A ton of it was fruit that has just been bitten once and chucked, and some of it hadn’t even been touched one bit. They are weighing how much rubbish there is and reducing how much goes to landfill. There are places that rubbish is dumped ALOT. If it was all spread out, it could cover all of Victoria!! In the old days, there was only one bin for all the rubbish, and it all went to landfill, but now we have three separate bins. One for recycling, for the things that can be recycled, there’s a green waste bin, for plants and food scraps that can me made into compost and there is the general waste bin, things that aren’t recyclable and are not plants or food scraps. At the recycling plant they have to sort out the rubbish, some with machines, and some by hand. We all need to watch what is filling up our bins.

*I did not know how to spell ‘keesap’

BTN- Message in a bottle

Sadie Parsons threw a bottle into the ocean on the 31 of October 2015. A boy, Tristan, found this bottle on Hunger head beach. But, this hasn’t been the only finding of a message in a bottle before. The bottle that travelled for the longest time travelled for 108 years and washed up on a German beach. Sadie is from America and Tristan is Aussie, so this bottle travelled at least 4,000 ks. Tristan was just having a normal day walking across the beach when he found the bottle. Then, he soon realised that it had a message in it. The bottle was covered in barnacles and they needed a bottle opener to take off the cork. And, if the bottle was found in 2017, this bottle has been floating for 1 and a half years. Eventually, Sadie and Tristan got to talk over the phone, and they soon hope to meet in person. I understand that Tristan and Sadie are very excited to make new friends. Some bottles can take a few months to wash up, and some can take years. It all depends on if the ocean’s rough or smooth, or the amount of storms that happen to that ocean. Imagine finding a bottle that had been floating in the ocean for 1 and a half years. It would be amazing.

BTN-Kids Ads

The government wants to improve the country’s health. The ads you see on TV are just made to make you hungry. Even know they may look delicious, they also make you obese. If you have this food too often,  when you’re older it normally leads to things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

3 in 10 Aussie kids are obese or overweight. ACMA has been keeping a close eye on what’s going on the TV. They have not banned the ads, but they say that big food companies should not use popular cartoon characters, movie characters or celebrities in their ads. But, the Health Authorities wants to ban these ads for good, and I agree with that. Some kids say that healthy food should be advertised more than junk food, and others say that it should be late at night so the kids can not see these ads and aren’t so tempted to want to eat that junky food. We might think the ads are over, but they will always keep playing.