100 wc-…then suddenly it went dark…

I was literally walking at 3:23 in the day, then suddenly it went dark… and all I could see was this monster, slowly, slowly walking towards me. Probably trying to kill me. I was scared. Really, really scared. This place is creepy. I can’t find the way out.

“Help! Help!” I scream.

“Where am I?!” I yell. “Help,” I was really panicking now. The monster was right behind me. I could feel it’s cold breath on the back of my neck.

I was huffing and puffing. My breath was getting scarce. I was really tired. The monster it’s-

All a dream.

100 WC-picture prompt (99)

“The Sibartinan Sasquatch is the biggest living myth alive,” said Ms. Green.

“Wow. Those footprints are huge!” I said.

“The biggest in the world,” Ms. Green said.

“Wow. I’d like to meet big foot one day,” I said.

“He is quite dangerous,” said Ms. Green. “No one hunts them because they are scared. They eat humans alive,”

We get on the bus and go home from the excursion. I was really excited to tell my parents all that I know.

While we were driving there, we saw more footprints. And alot of fur and a-

“Sasquatch!!!” Everyone screamed.




100 wc-…as it came rushing towards us we…

I’m getting a new dog today! I have been wanting one for 3 years. But I’m  getting a pomeranian chihuahua. I’m going to name it Chi Chi. When I came home from school that day I was disappointed. Where’s the dog? I was meant to get it today. I waited for weeks and weeks. The dog just never came. One morning, though, a bright sunny morning, I found something out. My dog was meant to come today. The date was wrong. I was so happy. As it came rushing towards me that day, it was the greatest day of my life.

100 wc- Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin

I lay there, on my scarlet cushion. The soft fabric tickled my face. Nothing could ruin this moment. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

“AAAAAAHHH!” yelled my annoying little brother.

“What?” I yell.

“There’s a fire! OK, I’ll tell you what happened. I had watered the plants and I was having a play outside, then, I spotted the violin mum bought you for christmas and wanted to play it. So I got, but I accidently broke the string, so I felt guilty and lit it on fire. But the fire got too big!” he said.

“I am going to-” I started.

“Fire!” Someone screamed.




100 WC-Lime,excitedly, overboard,rat, clock

I’m going to 711. You know why? I’m  going to get a lime slurpee. They’re my favorite. Need to get home, the clock says 5:30. I walked out with my slurpee, and of course, the bully is here to humiliate me.

“Hey, dirty rat, drinkin’ another snot slurpee, huh?” he jeered. His gang let out a laugh.

“You’re the only rat I see here,” I said. “Somebody call the fire department, because you just got burned!” I laughed and walked past him.

He really goes overboard . I excitedly ran home ready to tell mum and dad that I finally dealt with the bully.

100 wc-Picture prompt

My goal is to try to not get over 100 words.

This is awesome! I love the fair, it happens every year. My favourite ride is the merry go round. I always get fairy floss, go on the bouncy castle then go on the merry go round.  I am now going to get fairy floss! It’s the best, right? It sweet and sticky, it’s just really great. After my snack I go straight to the bouncy castle. I really have fun on that, because, out of all my friends I bounce highest. I’m going to my favourite ride now. But the horses are gone! Geez what a great day it’s been!

100 WORD CHALLENGE-…the water just kept gushing out…

I was in the kitchen, washing my hands, the water from the tap just came out. The water just kept gushing out and it would not stop. This is how it happened.

Me and my brother were kicking a soccer ball around in the kitchen, and it kept hitting the sink. I don’t know what we were thinking but we just kept going. Soon, the tap snapped right off, and our whole house was completely flooded. That is why we are bending down, on our knees, wiping up all drenched pieces of furniture and other house items. Worst day ever!!!

100 WORD CHALLENGE-…in the flash of lightning I saw…

It’s quiet. Too quiet. I creep up to Mum and Dad’s room to see if they’re there. They are, but they aren’t moving. I tap Dad on the back.

He doesn’t budge. I go back to my room. Weird. I keep reading my book. It’s called the ‘Storm Keepers’, and it’s a really  good book. It explains a lot about flashes of lightning and thunderstorms. “…in the flash of lightning I saw… ” I read.

As I read that, a huge flash of lightning zapped through my room. In the white light, I could see…My cat??!! Tiddles!!!

“What are you doing?”

100 WORD CHALLENGE-Picture prompt (102)

In the land of paper machee, we have to eat quickly, and I’m not saying we have to always eat fast food, we only eat that on special occasions, but we have to eat super quickly other wise we will fall into a big blob of paper. Today it was my birthday, so I was going to FAT JOE’S BURGERS, which is my favourite burger place. I only have half an hour before I melt, but I think that’s enough time. Yes, I’m in. OK let’s get a burger.

15 minutes later…

My god. This burger is the best one I’ve tasted. YUM!


I was in my room. My wide room. I was doing a word-search with an orange highlighter.

“I’m sooo bored,” I said. I got up and had a nap. I was tired. I cuddled my crocodile plushy.

I had a bad dream. I was trapped. The spirits within were enslaving me. I had to do a TON of jobs, that were really hard. I had to do all the 100 jobs before the room collapsed on me. I woke up.

“Jeez, I’m lucky that it didn’t collapse on me,” I said.

“Dinner!” my mum yelled.

“Coming mum!” I yelled back.