100wc-Picture Prompt

My dad is an inventor. He invented a giant pair of robotic legs that we can ride. Today we tested them.

We ran through the trees and the streets, as if no-one even knew we were there. It was the best thing that I had ever done in my entire life.

“These are the world’s first pair of giant robot legs,” said my dad, flicking a switch on the remote. The legs went faster.

“Oh no!” I scream. My dad and I fall off the pair of legs and watch as they run away. They smash a building over. CRASH!

100wc-…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress… (99)

They ran and ran. It would catch them!

Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress. It had just rained down in buckets, hard, and right on the park. Joseph’s feet squelched in the wet mud. His friend Josh was behind him. “Josh?” he called. He stopped.

“Josh?” He asked again. Still, no answer. He looked behind him. There was no sign of him. He could see a shadow in the darkness. It jumped out at him. Joseph screamed. The screen went black.

“That movie was so boring,” said Simon.

“The graphics were horrible too,” said Bill.

Btn-History of voting

Fact 1: Women were not aloud to vote until 1902

Fact 2: Indigenous people were not aloud vote

Fact 3: You have to vote otherwise you will be fined

Understanding 1: I understand that it would have been hard for women to always be known as the slaves and the ones who cooked and cleaned

Understanding 2: I understand that voting is a very serious thing

Question: Why was voting this way in the first place?

100wc-…but how did he/she get up there?…

“What the-?” Everyone was saying. We all crowded around a tree. There were at least 30 kids there.

“How did he get up there?” someone in the crowd yelled. “What is he doing???” If you are wondering what is all the fuss about, I will tell you. A kid climbed up a tree, and now he cannot get down. What an idiot!

“My baby!” a woman screams. It is his mum. She bursts through the crowd. “Come on, mummy’s here,” she grabs him and brings him down. She takes him to her car and drives away. That was weird. What the-?

BTN-New PM (Sorry this is old and the text colouring stuffed up so i could not colour code properly)

(In 2016) Malcolm Turnbull challenged Tony Abbott in an election. Malcolm Turnbull obviously got more votes and is now the Prime-Minister of Australia. He became the 29th prime-minister of Australia. How, you may ask, well you’re about to find out.

Malcolm Turnbull was born in sydney and went to Sydney Grammar school as a kid, then soon reached the end of school and soon went to Sydney university. While he was their he was given a scholarship to go to Oxford University in England. His jobs include a journalist, a well known journalist and a successful business man worth more than 100 000 000 dollars. How did he get that much money? In the 90s he wanted Australia to become a republic, and not just having the queen rule. I understand that this is a monarchy. Malcolm Turnbull was soon elected as a liberal member of parliament and soon  rose up and was actually the leader of a liberal party before back in 2008 and 2009. Not everyone agreed with him though. They didn’t agree on his views on things like climate change. Why not? In a very narrow vote he lost the job to Tony Abbott and he became Prime-Minister. Malcolm Turnbull stayed in Parliament though and became communications minister. He was not happy with the way Tony Abbott was running the country. In Australia political parties choose their own leaders, so Malcolm asked the Prime-Minister for a vote, then it was up to them in the parties to decide. Soon, after the vote, 44 wanted Tony Abbott to stay and 54 voted for Malcolm. Malcolm hopes and thinks that he will lead the country differently. The biggest change that he has made is for Australia’s Ministry. Now there are more women in Australia’s ministry. (Julie Bishop, Kelly O’Dwyer, Marise Payne, Sussan Ley and Michaelia Cash), and Australia’s Indigenous person in the ministry, Ken Wyatt, and younger politicians including the youngest federal politician, 25 year old White Roy. He has proved to be popular and a great Prime-Minister, and is making things come the way that Malcolm Turnbull wants it.

100wc-Picture Prompt

“Wow! It’s huge!” I say to my brother. “Look at how big this is!” He runs over.

“Cool!” He says. “Should we sell it? It’s probably worth some money…” We put it on ebay with a price of $1000. In the first hour, already 200 people want to buy it. “How will we make all of them happy?” “Dad did build that clone machine…” Says my brother. We look at eachother. We duplicate it 200 times and sell them all! We are rich! The teacup is sold.


“What happened to my giant teacup?” Says mum. “That’s grandma’s present!”


Btn-Levels of government

Federal, Local and State are all types of government and all have their own powers. The biggest is the Federal government. I understand that this is probably the most powerful as well as biggest. The Federal government takes care of the country as a ‘whole’. It takes care of defence, trade, foreign affairs and more! State government (And territory) takes care of health, education, mining & Agriculture and more! The last government, local government, takes care of local roads, garbage, pets and more! But the country did not always have three levels of government. How many did it have? Back in the old days, states were not all as one country, they were their own state. They all had their own laws and rules. Then in 1901 the federation made the colonies come as one and reunited them, to make them the commonwealth of australia. Then the states passed many of their powers to the Federal government. But soon the state governments felt it hard to lead their tate on their own and soon local governments became popular. They were given more money and their own powers. But every now and then the responsibilities overlap, or they disagree. What things would they disagree on? I understand that leading the states would be quite hard.




Smurf School (By me!)

Smurf School

I have four words for you. First. Day. Of. School. My parents moved house and dragged me along with them, and a new school just opened around the corner. Is that where I am going? Definite yes! Welcome to hell. I catch the bus and ride it to school. I pay the driver and stand out front of the school, looking up at it. There is a big sign out front with some smurf-model on it with a fake smile. A creepy smile.


I walked straight in with my face down. I saw a kid picking his nose. He came over to me. No! I will fake it as if I did not notice him. I think he went to touch m or something.

“Hi newbie,” he sniffs. I walk straight past him. He is NOT touching me! No way! I start seeing more weirdos. They are everywhere. This school is absolutely infested with nerds! I pass go through the long hallway and stop at the door of my assigned classroom.

“Room 18,” I mutter.

I walk into the room. Many pairs of glassy, beady eyes stared at me. Through me. I see an empty seat at the back, I walk to it, still keeping my head down.

“Not so fast,” says a voice, a man. “What is your name newbie?” There is that word! What is with newbie?

I am annoyed. Really annoyed. I turn around slowly.

“OK, do not call me newbie you will call me by my name. My name is Murf. That is all you need to know. No more questions,” I say breathing in and out quickly. I am puffed out. I plonk down on the back desk.

“Don’t call him newbie. Ok, my name is Kevin Brown. Mr Brown for you. Say hello to Murf,”

“Hi Murf,” The whole class groaned in unison. What a great class.

After a horrible lesson of maths, the bell for recess rings. I was first out of the classroom. I get my hat and lunch and go straight down. While I am zooming down, I bump into someone. A woman. The woman from the sign.

“Hello,” she says walking past me. Surprising, that is the only person who has not talked to me or called me newbie.


At lunch, I am sitting by myself. I am eating, minding my own business, when a gang of kids comes up to me. All boys. Well here is trouble.

“Look dude I don’t want any trouble-” I start, but some hick interrupts me. The person in the front of the group. Is he the leader?

“Boys, we got a new one,” said the leader. He looked big and tough.

“We saw what you did in class today,” he went on. “I think you belong in our gang,” He smiled at me. What the-?

“No!” I said straight away, “Why would I want to be in your gang?” I looked at him like he was and alien.

“Oh we do plenty of fun things, breaking rules, annoying teachers… It’s our thing,” he said, smiling AGAIN. Man I am getting mad.

“Actually, I do not really like school, so it does sound like fun. When do I start?” I say. Yes! I will finally be respected!

“Tomorrow,” he says. He and his gang walk away laughing, yelling and swearing.


The next day we got up to heaps of fun things. We spray painted SKOOL SUX on the principal’s window, we made noises in class and we stole kid’s food and money. I really feel good about myself, but something is wrong. I am new and I am already a bully. Does this make me popular?

I come home and go straight to bed. I am tired after all the bullying…


Tomorrow comes and I was picking on some nerdy kid. Some girl approaches me. She has glasses and red hair. I have never noticed her. I drop the kid.

“Nerd,” I mutter under my breath. She rolls her eyes and ignores me.

“So you’re new right?” she says.

“Yeah,” I say.

“Ok. Already a bully then,” She looks down and writes something on a clipboard.

“Yes, I am happy to be respected,” I say.

“Do you really want to do this?” She says.

“Yes. Why are you questioning me?” I say, angrily.

“Do you want to live your life a bully?”

This hits me. I really think about this.

“Just think about it,” She says walking off, obviously disappointed.

I do not want to live my life a bully. I do not want to be pinned as a bad kid.

“Your gang is stupid. You are all bullies and I quit!” I say. He looks up at me smirking.

“I knew you would say that. The new ones never last,” He said. Out of nowhere, he threw a punch, but I was ready for it.

“I knew you would do that though,” I say grabbing his arm.

“What?” He says, suddenly alarmed.

“The bullies never last!” I say, pushing him into a puddle. He hits the ground with a thud.

“Bully,” I say. If you have a choice, never choose to bully over being kind.



100wc-…but what if I was in charge?…

The world is a place full of fun and laughter. But what if I was in charge? I would make everyone suffer. I would make them work till you could see their bones coming through their skin. I would make their knuckles bleed, make jokes about them and laugh in their face. Like they did to me. This is payback! I will show all of them that I should be treated with some respect. I will make them treat me like a queen!

“Ah, Miss, I think you can start the maths lesson now,”

“Yes sorry,”

Our teacher is crazy!

BTN-Budget Taxes

Throughout the ages, only one thing was for sure, death and taxes. Taxes are something people are forced to pay, and their money goes straight to the ruler, or for us, the government. The government uses this money to build important things such as new hospitals, roads and much more. In movies the people who collect the taxes are the evil person or the rich person. In real life, people do not like people taking their money away, the same as cartoons. “Tax” has become such an im popular word, that the government has found a different way to describe it. They have all described it as a “levy” of some sort. Governments also collect tax in many different ways. The main tax and way they collect tax is income tax. Everyone in our country who earns over a certain amount of money has to pay income tax. I understand that that would be very frustrating. The more money you earn, the more you have to pay. But what is the use of getting payed if you will just have to give all your money away again? Here is another type of tax, goods and services tax or GST. This is collected when you buy something. Why would you have to pay more if you have just payed for what you want to buy? GST does not go straight to the government though, first you will pay it to the businesses when you buy most things, and they will pass it to the government for you, then all of this money goes to the states. There are also taxes for when we are older and have retired, taxes on petrol, health, companies, luxury cars, congestion and more! That is a lot of taxes! People pay at least one hundred different taxes a year  between the state and federal government. A while ago, the federal government at the time made a new tax. There was a new one on seeing a doctor, an increase in the petrol tax and increasing the amount of money for people who earn a lot of money.