Btn-Don’t Panic

2 families were asked to participate in a drill of some fake natural disasters. The Mathews family had to participate in a pretend bush fire, and the (no name provided) family had to participate in a pretend cyclone. The Mathews do things like fill up the bath and block all open cracks of windows and doors so the smoke does not get inside. The (no name provided) family did things like put tape on the windows, and tried to drive through flood water, which is a really bad mistake and is very dangerous. The kids, however, knew this and saved the family from a very crucial mistake. The Mathews had to put out small fires and wear glasses to make things look dark so it looked like smoke and they also wore earmuffs so they could hear the loud roar of the fire. Their kitchen is on fire, so the family try to escape by moving to the bathroom, which really is not a very good idea because now they are trapped! In the fake cyclone, the (no name provided) family do not know what to do as the fake storm rages outside. The people who are helping with the fake cyclone bang against the door to give a slamming effect as if the wind is blowing hard against the door. Then after all these scary things, the family are let out!

Fact 1: The natural disasters were quite realistic.

Fact 2: The kids coped better than the adults.

Fact 3: The fire was actually real!

Understanding 1: I understand that it would be really scary.

Understanding 2: I understand that not all people would be able to cope with this.

Wondering: I wonder what it would be like to be in a fake or REAL natural disaster.

100wc- …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

” …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…”

“She killed someone?” asked a little girl.

“What?” asked all the boys in unison.

“Why?” they all asked.

“If you let me read on I will tell you,” said the care lady impatiently. ” …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She had just murdered someone!” she finished her sentence.

All the kids froze with pale faces.

“Ahhhhh!” they all screamed. The kindergarten turned into a hellhole. Screaming, crying, a total massacre! All the toys and crayons went everywhere and soon, all the kids fell down, tired. They all had a nap.

BTN-Capetown Water Crisis

Fact 1: Capetown has been suffering from a very bad drought for several years now.

Fact 2: Water reserves are so low in Capetown that the whole town is at risk of running out.

Fact 3: Authorities predict that the taps could be turned off by June 4, and they are calling this day zero.

Understanding 1: I understand that this would be so scary for them.

Understanding 2: I understand that 50L of water really is not much.

Wondering: I wonder what the authorities will do about the problem.

100wc- Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge (Not true)

As I sprinkled malteasers on the huge pink cake. My aunty is getting married and I am in charge of making the wedding cake. It is perfect but I am worried. The wedding is on a bridge.

The Next Day….

We get to the wedding. A boy hands my aunt a yellow daffodil that she slips into her hair. The cake is on a precarious edge. Two kids are playing around at the table legs that the cake is on. One pushes the other. The cake rocks and rocks and slips and falls off the edge into the water below.

ALL KIDS SHOULD PLAY SPORT-Moderated Writing Task by me


First, sport is proven to get people active and fit. The Centres of Disease control and Prevention recommend sports participation as a way to keep a healthy weight and keep active. They say that 80% of kids play on technology for at least 3 hours a week when they could be playing sport.


Next, schools support sport. You should go into sport with a positive attitude because you will be doing a lot of sport in most of your school years. They support it by organising things like P.E (Physical Education), Interschool Sports, martial arts programs and more! I do interschool sports and it really gets you active!


Third, most of the time, sport is fun. If you are with a team or on your own, either way, it is made for fun. If you win or lose, who cares? Sport is made for getting active, cultural reasons and for fun!


Furthermore, sport teaches you skills and strategies. Sport teaches things like teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. In soccer, you need strategies to weave around other players; in footy you need a hard kick. In swimming you need to push your body to its limits to get your personal best and there are many more sports, don’t worry! There is a whole range of different sports for a range of different people. Don’t limit yourself!


Therefore, in conclusion, I think all kids should play sport because it gets you active, schools support it, its fun, it teaches you strategies and there are different sports for different people.  So, are you swayed? Because that is why I think all kids should play sport. Come on, tell your child to come on and give it a go!

BTN-Disaster Recovery

Fact 1: So many homes were destroyed

Fact 2: Entire villages have been submerged

Fact 3: The people got severely injured and needed medical assistance

Question 1: How bad was it?

Question 2: Was anyone killed?

Wondering: I wonder if I will experience something like this.

100wc- Picture Prompt (I just realised they are Lychee fruits-no :D)

“Ouch!” an itchy bomb fell on my head from the tree above me. Heaps start falling on me!

“Ouch! Ow! Ahh!” I yell. The itchiness comes to me. I walk home, itching and scratching in absolutely every place possible. I itched all the way home. Soon, over the week the itching became worse. We went to the doctors and he told us that I had sensitive skin, so it is way worse than it should be.

The next day I go back to the tree. “Dumb tree!” I say kicking it. Bad idea! All the itchy bombs fall onto me!


Herald Sun Kids-A huge rip in the ground in Africa

Fact 1: Scientists believe that Africa is splitting in two.

Fact 2: The big split was created by a flood.

Fact 3: In around 50 million years the tectonic plate of Somali will split in two completely!

Question 1: Did anyone fall into the hole?

Question 2: If people are still on the earth in 50 million years, how will the people deal with the whole continent of Africa splitting in half?


Wondering: I wonder how the people would prepare.

eSafety Webinar Reflection ft. eSafety Greg

Today we did an eSafety webinar about cyber safety as a cohort of all the 5/6s. We all were supposed to answer the questions in groups of two but the login did not work so we did it all together. We did well in answering the questions and got them all right. All of our knowledge on cyber safety put together made us all do really well in the webinar, which was kind of a test. It was about keeping private things in your home secure. It was called ‘My Home, My Rules’. Here are some notes that I took on the day:

Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the outside world. 12% of young people (grades 3-6) have experienced fraud or downloaded a virus to their device. Be safe and try to identify ransomware, viruses and scamming messages. Scamming messages do not always come from the people that you don’t know, some people who you think are your friends may betray you, scam you or cyber bully you. Keep all passwords strong.

How can you take action to protect yourself from things like this?

-Always try to identify a scam message by looking at what the message say and if something pops up on your screen, stop to read it. NEVER click on it first!

-If someone sends you are friend request it is OK to accept it, unless they start asking you for personal information, then decline them or just do not reply.

-If you do get a friend request, always come to school the next day and just let your friends know what has happened and ask them if it was them sending you a friend request, if it was then it is fine, if it is not, do not tell them anything.

-Do not use your real name on a game or website, choose a nick name, for example Zezdo23, because using your real name could be dangerous, and even that could be putting out too much information to the outside world.

-Never share your passwords.

-Set firewalls on things to keep them private.

100wc-…but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I told you exactly what to do! The King needs his wedding cake by noon!” I yelled.

“But I didn’t understand the instructions!” said the baker. “I thought you said cupcakes,” he says taking out a tray of them.

“That’ll have to do…” I said, taking the tray out to the wedding room.

I show them to the prince. He looks at them once and slams the tray to the ground and the tray hits is with a thud.


I was fired that day.