100wc-…I wondered what was behind the door…

No way. It can’t be. I’m too scared. I shivered as I wondered what was behind the door. A horrible thing. A monster. A clown. Something that will haunt my dreams forever. I open the door to reveal something so frightening-no just my cat. His name is Lockjaw. Kind of scary I guess , but not what I thought it would be more scary.

3 hours later

There is a creak at the door again. I almost poo my pants. I open the door and a disgusting creature is waiting there, hungry for human blood…wait, no, it’s just my sister! Quite similar… (lol)

2 thoughts on “100wc-…I wondered what was behind the door…

  1. hey zed. I think this was a really good 100 wc because it has lots of suspense that kept me interested the whole time I was reading it. It was a little bit inappropriate for school at the end though.

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