100wc-…it reminded me of a time when…

I don’t know how to explain this, but I will try. It all started when I went to get slurpies with my friend, Billy. I suddenly started seeing weird things. A big pimple on his forehead, only dirt flavoured slurpies and everyone around me looked sad, and grey.  It reminded me of a time when I was watching ‘Freaky Friday’, and things started changing weirdly. It really creeped me out. I went to the doctors the next day, and they said I was fine, maybe it was just a phase I was going through. I have been scared ever since.

3 thoughts on “100wc-…it reminded me of a time when…

  1. hey Zede. I think it is really cool that you use great describing words in your story. I think you could have explained the plot a little bit more though. Great story.

  2. What a great introduction. You really draw the reader in from the start, wanting to hear and understand this “thing” that has been going on. I particularly love the description of where “everyone around me looked sad, and grey” – not just sad or unhappy, but sad and grey. Well done!

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