100wc-… but what colour should it be? …

“Your dress is nearly ready your majesty the Queen, I have all the plans, but what colour should it be?” I ask.

“You have not even sorted the colour yet? Our party is in 3 days!” She screams. She storms out of the room. I quickly start making the dress. I grab different coloured materials and sew them together with my big old over locker. It is looking pretty good actually…

2 days later….

Wow. It really does not look how I thought it would look. It looks horrible. I bring it to the queen. She sees it, then faints. That’s great!

2 thoughts on “100wc-… but what colour should it be? …

  1. Hi Zede,
    I think that you did a pretty good job with this 100 WC. I liked how you used the prompt but a thing that I think you could work on is maybe using a bit more show not tell. I also like how the time changed throughout your story. Good Job!

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