I can smell the cooked lamb up the stairs. In our small boot camp near the river, all there is discipline. All us kids are starved till we are on our knees weeping and crying, our pink lips dry. I’m starving. As I reach the top step, the smell gets stronger. My mouth waters. Suddenly I hear footsteps. The chef! Desperately, I hide in the cleaner’s closet.  I am so nervous. The footsteps pass me. I creep out, and there it is, glistening in the light. Lamb stew.

“Hey!” A voice yells behind me. Shoot!

I grab the plate and run.


One thought on “100wc-STAIRS RIVER PINK COOKED NERVOUS (Father’s Day Special)

  1. Hi Zede, your 100 wc has a great start and really got me into your story, but next time you should bold the words so you are showing the main part. So the people reading your story know the main idea, but otherwise, your story is great! 😎😎😎😎😎😎

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