Letter to Libby


My name is Zedekai. I have a brother named Atticus, who is in grade 3 at the school. I also have a sister at the school who is in prep. We have a dog named Chi-Chi that we adopted at the end of 2016. He is a Pomeranian crossed with a chihuahua. I also like rapping and making up my own lyrics to raps.

My favourite things to do include drawing, playing soccer and going to car shows. I draw to help me think and just for the fun of it. I have an art box full of it. I also like doing coding. I have a Scratch account and really like coding on it. I am still getting better at it though, because I still can’t create really good games. Sometimes my Mum uses it as wrapping paper for presents because I have heaps from when I was little.. I play soccer to keep active and to get better at it. I play soccer at Strathmore High. I have won medals for soccer.

I like building lego and my room is full of already built sets that we have hung or displayed on shelves. I also like playing chess. I mostly with my brother even though he is better than me. I have also won trophies for chess and go to chess club. I am also looking forward to a chess tournament if there is one this year. I also have a story published and the book with my story in it is being published soon.

I am not the only one who likes going to car shows though… my whole family likes going to car shows. It is like cars are in our blood. I collect marbles, pokemon cards, car models, old and different country country coins.

My favourite authors are Brian Selznick, R.L Stine, John Flanagan and Emily Rodda.

They are all great writers and they all write the books I like to read. I like reading mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action books. Reading is quite fun.

One of my favourite books is ‘The Blood Guard’ (By Carter Roy), I also like ‘The Marvels’ (By Brian Selznick) and ‘Wonderstruck’ (By Brian Selznick).

I am looking forward to teaching the new year 5s things that we did last year. I am also looking forward to Crazy Cash and Winter and Gala Sports and being the School Captain.




3 thoughts on “Letter to Libby

  1. Heya Zedekai, I really like this letter! It tells alot about you! A few things you could work on is making headings bold/italic and making the work centered.

    -Pippa 🙂

  2. Hey Zede this is Jett I really think you did an what amazing job on your letter you have a really descriptive what roles you have and what you want to do this year and I really think you should keep up the good work.

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