Literacy circles-Connector connections-The game of the goose

Page 116 (Paragraph 3)-‘But she won’t wake up,’ whispered Rabbit. ‘It’s been hours. I’ve tried to wake her but she won’t get up.’ For a moment, the world became still. Rowley felt the breath stop in his throat. If I don’t breathe soon, he thought, I will choke. But if I do-

He gulped. He knelt down and leant over Fred. He reached out a hand and touched her skin. He bent right down and put his cheek on hers. He shut his eyes.

Then he sat up. He looked straight at Rabbit. ‘She’s dead,’ he said.

Text to self-I can connect to this, because for them it was kind of like a funeral for them, and I can connect, because I have been to a funeral.

Page 117 (Paragraph 5)-She was not alive. She had fallen and drowned in that horrible sea.

I can connect to this because a couple of days ago I saw on the news that someone drowned. Which means this can relate because it means people in real life are drowning in the sea.


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