CAMP-Recounts (Should have posted these a while ago, oops!)


I loved when we went surfing at camp. The experience we got was awesome. I really loved it because we got to catch waves and have so much fun in the water, and the coaches were very experienced and encouraging. All of them helped me catch a wave at least once when I was struggling to catch one. Even though I got some salt water in the mouth and the eyes, and copped a surfboard in the face 3 times, I still had great fun. It was also quite easy to learn, and now some of us may grow up to be very good at surfing, just from that one surf lesson.


I loved snorkelling because all the amazing creatures we got to see were extraordinary, I even found an interesting shell, and picked up several starfish. I felt very scared at the start of snorkelling because I had never done it before, but then I found out it was quite easy, just swimming and breathing. I also loved the feel of snorkelling goggles on my eyes. I studied all the fish carefully, and I think I saw the biggest starfish I have ever seen in my whole entire life. After that, snorkelling actually ended up to be my favourite part of camp, and one of the best things I’ve done ever.

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