BTN-Let the electricity flow

Stephen Gray invented a machine. A wooden frame that suspended two silk-rope swings. He also had a device, a ‘hauksbee machine’ to generate energy, which looks a little like this:



So there, at the Charterhouse, in front of a large audience of people, he got one of the orphan boys to lie across the two swings hanging from the wooden frame. He would place gold leaf in front of him. He was now able to generate energy and charged the boy through a connecting rod. Because of the generated power, gold leaf, even feathers lifted up to the boys fingers. Remember the audience? Well some of the audience members even claimed that they saw sparks while this was happening. But, Stephen Gray thought something else as well. Electricity could move. It came out of the machine, through the boys body and into his hands, which were making the gold leaves and feathers lift to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it. That meant the mysterious electrical fluid could flow through some things, but not through the hanging silk ropes. So this led Gray to divide our world into different types of substances, insulators and conductors. Insulators held electric charge inside them, and wouldn’t let it move. For example: Silk or hair. But electricity could flow through conductors, for example the boy or metals.

Fact 1: Energy was invented nearly 300 years ago.

Fact 2: Gold leaves can still be found in stores today.

Fact 3: Electricity can not travel through glass.

Question 1: Why would Stephen Gray get an audience to watch him create electricity?

Question 2: Was this like entertainment for them?

Wondering: I wonder what the bot felt after being used to make electricity.


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