Tetrahedron. A word that people think is just a simple pyramid. If you think that then you are completely incorrect. It is a diamond pyramid shaped item that is so special. And guess what? While my dad, my brother and I were digging out in our garden, I found a tetrahedron. It turned out to be an ancient relic. According to legend it’s so beautiful and mesmerising, you can’t look at it for too long otherwise you may go blind.


We were slowly digging along, putting dirt into my dad’s trailer. I was shuffling the dirt around when something spiked my hand. I picked up what had jabbed me and brushed off all the dirt, but we still couldn’t see what it was. A shard of glass maybe? My brother and I washed it under the tap, then we finally saw what it was. It was like a little glass pyramid or something. It looked really old. We looked it up on the internet.  I was so excited when we found out that it was actually something called a tetrahedron, and it was actually made of diamond. Straight away I said it was mine, because I found it, and I didn’t want my brother to claim it as his. My dad tried to convince me to sell it. Apparently it was being sold for millions of dollars on eBay, but he could not convince me. It was the greatest find of my life.  Soon, the word spread. I got so many offers for my tetrahedron, but I always said no. A rich business man from South Africa contacted me. He explained that they have a lot of diamonds in south Africa, and he’d never seen one like it. He offered me a lot of money. I still said no. I was starting to get frustrated with all the offers. People were getting greedy. I started to think about my tetrahedron a lot. I was starting to wish that I had never found it. I’d had enough.

That night my brother and I went to bed.

A few hours passed and I woke him up. I knew everyone was asleep.

“It’s late,” He said.

“I’m getting rid of the tetrahedron,” I said.

“Good idea, it has been causing you a lot of trouble”

We snuck out and ran to town, where the big old well is. We stopped right in front of it. I went to throw it in.

“Wait,” said my brother. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes. I’m very sure,” I said, looking at the tetrahedron in my hand.

I threw it down into well and waited. I heard the plop of water as it finally reached the bottom.

“I hope I never see that ever again,” I say.

And I never did until years later, when I had forgotten about the tetrahedron, I picked up the newspaper and saw that on the front page, a 10 year-old boy had found a strange diamond in his front yard…

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