Short Stories 4 People all ages- All stories by Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

The Heart That Never Beat

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

“Come on Joey, let’s go play,” I said.

My friend Joey and I love playing down ball. He was like my brother, he wasn’t, but he always came over. It was like he lived with us. Sometimes, he would even visit me in the night. I don’t know why. He was never tired, always full of energy, sometimes, he would force me into playing with him.

One night, I woke up to the sound of footsteps in my room. I wasn’t scared at all. I knew it was Joey.

“Hi Joey,” I said, tiredly. “Can you please go back to your house and go back to bed?”

He said he wanted to go play. I was getting mad with him.

“Get to bed! I don’t want to see you right now!” I said.

Joey never visited anymore. I regretted what I had said and wanted to say sorry. I was a bit relieved, but inside, I felt guilty. I was happy that mum didn’t think I was crazy because I yelled at Joey. She was always asking where he was and how he’d been. I told her what happened and she understood. It really made her wonder.


What would Joey do without someone to play with? He always wants to play. She thought.


The years went by. It had now 8 years since Joey had come over. I never thought about him anymore. I was starting to forget I even knew a Joey. Maybe I never did.

The next morning mum asked me to write a sorry card to Joey. She said I should have done it 8 years ago.

“Who’s Joey? I have never known a Joey before,”


  Smack! Smack!

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” a crowd of people in the school yard are yelling.

My nose was bloody, and I think my tooth was chipped. Me, Gareth Greenhood, in a fight with, the school bully, Chuck Thingze. He had a bruised, black eye and a cut lip. He went forward to punch me, but I kicked him in the stomach. He fell back, winded. I was poised, like a hungry tiger, ready to pounce, ready for his next move. He stood up, leaning against the wall behind him.

I came closer to him, edging forward. Bam! He punched my now broken nose.

Wow, I was not ready for that. I thought.

I walked towards him. Slowly, slowly, so very slowly. He came forward quickly. I was ready. Smack! Smack! He fell to the ground, unconscious. KNOCK OUT!!!

                       Pick Pocket

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

I was taking a stroll to go to the café when I saw someone strange. I saw a short man, dressed in a black tuxedo, black shoes and a bowler hat. He had a white moustache. He was walking towards me. “G’day sir,” I said cheerily.

“Good day,” he said, brushing past me.

Strange. Why did he brush past me like that? There was enough space on the footpath for two people to walk on each side. Anyway, I’m at the café now. I walk inside and get a newspaper. I always read the newspaper before I get a coffee. The title says ‘PICK POCKETS STRIKING AGAIN’

They had a picture of what the pick pocket looked like. Wait a second. That’s the guy that brushed past me 10 minutes ago. I reach around in all my coat pockets. My wallet was gone.


By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

“Who here loves pies?” I shouted out to the whole crowd.

“US!!” the crowd screamed.

We were at the annual pie festival. Every year everyone in the whole town makes a pie, and whoever’s pie is best, wins a rosette, and there are also rosettes for second and third place. And guess what? Me, the nerdiest kid in school, gets to be the taster! Oh yeah! Everyone in the school wants to be the taster. I go up to one of the pies, it looks yum. I take a bite.

“Mmm. Delicious,” I say.

Pie, after pie, after pie. I could not find the best one. I had picked second and third place, but I could not pick first. This is the last pie, let’s hope it’s good. I take a bite. Geez, maybe I shouldn’t have tasted all these pies. BUUUUUUUUUUUURP!

“That’s the winner!” I say. I pick up the last pie and stuff it into my mouth.

     Music to my ears

By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

My sister and I are waiting for our mum in the car.

“Shut your dumb music up!!!” I yell. My dumb sister, Leyla, was listening to her stupid music again.

“Shut it!” I yell again.

“Make me,” She says. She turns it louder.

I yank away her headphones.

“Hey!” she yells. “Give them back! They costed $84 dollars!”

I jump out of the car. I get into the front seat and open the glove box. I get the first aid kit and get the little scissors out of it. I snip the cord of the headphones.

“I’m gonna kill you!” she screams. The music is still playing.

“Turn off the music or the phone gets it”, I say.

She smirks. She turns it to full volume. I dive from the front seat onto her. I grab her phone and throw it out the window. Quickly, I jump out of the car and grabbed the phone. I ran to the shed and grabbed dad’s hammer. Geez, it’s heavy. I raise it over my head and slam it onto the screen of the phone. I throw the remains into the bin. I can hear the front door opening. I bolt to the car and put my seatbelt on, just in time.

“Ready kids?” I said.

“Yes mum,” I say grinning.

I look back at Leyla. She looks at me coldly. I slowly mouth the words ‘I warned you’. Ahh. Music to my ears.


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