School Captain Speech

School Captain Application speech by Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis and I would like to be school captain for our school. I would be surprised if most of you have not at least heard of me because I have a bit of a weird name that people always comment on and I’ve also been at Moonee Ponds Primary School since prep.


Before I tell you why I believe I would be a great school captain, let me tell you a little bit about myself.


My personal interests include playing soccer (I play in a team), playing down ball, writing stories, building Lego and reading books. Another personal interest I have is old cars.  Our family go to a lot of car shows and my parents both have old cars.  I also have HEAPS of model cars that I have on display.  I am also very interested in art and I love drawing.  I have a massive art portfolio now.  It’s over flowing in my bedroom cupboard.


I have a brother Atticus who is also at our school.  He is in grade 2.  I also have a sister – Lulamae who is starting prep at the school next year as well.


I think that I’m a very strong candidate to be the captain of the school.  I know the school well and care about the school.  I also have not missed much school, my attendance is excellent.

I have many valuable traits that will make me an excellent school captain. For example; I am very approachable.  I can talk to you about any topic you like including listening to your problems or troubles.  I understand that sometimes adults just don’t get it but kids have an understanding of each other.

I encourage inclusion. I want everyone to feel they are part of our school community.  I was voted in as vice-captain of the winter sports soccer team. I made sure everyone got an opportunity to play in every match by swapping around the players.  I encourage people and never put them down or make them feel they cannot do something.  I don’t need to remind anyone here that our winter sports soccer team LOST every week!  But I always made sure our team was in good spirits by encouraging all the players and keeping a positive “we can do it” attitude.

Another of my strengths includes working well in groups, for example; in reciprocal teaching, I am good at leading group discussions and listening patiently to people’s suggestions and ideas.  I always try to be optimistic and caring in class, helping others if they don’t understand something.

I am the oldest child in my family and try to lead my example so I am very organised. I always get to school on time, and always get my homework done.  I do all my chores and coach my brother and my sister on doing theirs as well.

Another strong point I have is my ability to learn new skills quickly and willingly.  I am open to new learning experiences.  I had no idea how to do fencing and so I joined the fencing club.  I got quite good at it!  I was also asked to join a dance group.  I was a little nervous but I went along and found that it was a lot of fun and I now have another set of skills I did not have before.


Another trait I think I have that is important for being a leader such as the School Captain is courage.  I have been in situations where I have had to demonstrate courage and though sometimes it’s scary I think I have handled it well.  This is a bit of a strange example but Aaliyah asked me to go to an Ethiopian restaurant with her for dinner.   I was really worried!  I kept asking my parents “what food is that, what do they eat, what are we going to have” but when I thought about it I thought it would be great to try something different and new.  So we went along to the restaurant and we tried to eat everything!  We ate really weird bread (tasted sour), we ate goat in spicy sauce, beef with vegetables in it and we had to eat with our hands…no forks!  I’ve never done that before.

To be a School Captain, you need to be able to communicate.  I think I am an excellent communicator.  I am not afraid to talk in front of a crowd.  Sometimes people might say I can communicate too much because I do talk a lot.  I have had the opportunity to use this skill this year because I have a prep buddy.  When we play games I am good at telling my buddy how to play it and making sure he listens and understands.   I also got to show my communication skills with our science project this year.  I did very well at speaking in front of our class, showing the class our project and explaining all the information.

I am a great listener.  When I am listening to information I make sure I understand by asking questions.  If I was school captain, I am willing to listen to student requests.  Where I can help I would be willing to represent you and act upon them.

Being the oldest kid in my family has meant that I am naturally a very good leader and I have a good sense of responsibility.  I try to “think before I do”.  I don’t act irresponsibly and I try to be mature and reasonable as much as I can.

I try to respect other people’s interests and personalities as much as I can. I try to care for all the students I meet and try to be as friendly as I can.  As our school values say – respect optimism care and collaboration.  I always try to act respectfully, in a caring way and collaborating with other people.

So I can’t promise you that if I am school captain we will get chocolate and lollies every recess and get 2 hours for lunch time instead of 50 minutes but I can promise you that if I get this leadership position I will put in an amazing effort.  I would also take the position of school captain seriously but I will bring to this role individuality that only I can bring.

I would be pleased, proud and honoured to represent our students of Moonee Ponds Primary School as the school captain.


Thank you all for listening.



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