Prepared Speech

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am going to be talking to you today about taxes and why we have them.

As Benjamin Franklin said, there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. But what are taxes?
Besides being something that annoys my parents and something that they complain about a lot, taxes are a financial charge payable by a taxpayer.


There are many different types of taxes.  I’m going to explain just a few examples to you.


When you have a job and you work to make money, you pay taxes on the money that you earn in your job.  This is called income tax. There are different percentages that people pay depending on how much money they earn.


Another example of a type of tax is goods and services tax or GST.  GST is a percentage of the cost charged by whichever store you bought the item from. GST is typically adding 10% on most goods, services and other items consumed in Australia.


The government seems to be collecting a lot of money by asking people to pay all these different types of taxes, so what are they doing with all the money?

Taxes are used by our governments to invest in areas such as health care programs. Everyone hates getting sick, but at least when we’re sick we have a good health care system to make sure that we receive the best care possible.

Another area taxes are used to fund is technology systems such as the NBN. Our parents’ tax payer’s dollars are hard at work when we are getting our highest score on our favourite online game.

Taxes ensure that our roads that we drive on are well                   maintained and safe.


Did you know, that the taxpayer’s money pays for part of our schooling? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, public schools such as ours are partly funded by taxpayer’s dollars.


My sister’s kinder group love going to the Brunswick library, and they can do so because libraries are funded by taxpayer’s money.

I live across the road from a park, I can ride my bike and play soccer in it-another example of the taxpayer’s money going towards something that can be enjoyed by our community.


As citizens of Australia, we have peace of mind that we are safe, because of our military. Guess what? Our military is also funded by taxpayer’s dollars.


Thank you for listening to my speech, I hope it wasn’t too taxing.

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