My debate argument

Ladies and gentlemen I am going to leave you without a doubt in your mind that is it not important to save for rainy day and why our team – the negative team completely disagree with saving for a rainy day.

The first point I’m going to explain to you is that you’re better off spending the money you earn.  This benefits our economy in Australia and the world.  For example:   our third speaker Bridget buys dolls called ‘twozies’ that are made in China.  So the money that she spends helps a family in China whose parents work in the factory making the twozies.   Money is earnt to be spent to keep economies strong!


Let’s imagine for a moment that we do what our affirmative team have told us to do and we save for a rainy day.  We put all our money in a bank.  Imagine there is a problem with the banks and we lose all your money!  So let’s imagine that we don’t trust banks and we hide all our saved money in our house.

Now –  imagine the unthinkable … you get robbed!   All that saving would be for nothing.  You’d have to start saving again. And who knows? It could be lost or stolen AGAIN.  So you’d need to start saving AGAIN.   Who would like to keep doing that?  I know I wouldn’t!  Saving for a rainy day is way too risky.

The next point I’d like to explain is money is meant to be spent.  As our first speaker Tiia already explained to you we pay for lots and lots of insurances! Necessities such as food, clothes and bills such as gas and electricity all need money.  I could go on forever!

Tell me – after spending all that money just to stay alive and have a reasonable life, there is NOTHING left to save for a rainy day.


The affirmative team have told us it is important to save for a rainy day but what if you die young?

If you die young, it means you pretty much saved for a rainy day for nothing because the money you saved will be completely useless.   When you get money you should spend it on something that you enjoy while you’re still living. Enjoy your life , rather than save up.  Remember the old saying – We’re here for a good time not a long time!




So ladies and gentlemen:  after we consider the benefit to economies by spending, after we consider how risky saving money is in case you lose it, after we consider how hard it is to save with all the expenses we have and we consider that we may die young …you could not possibly tell me that you agree with the affirmative team.

Ladies and gentlemen – it is NOT important to save for a rainy day.

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