FIDGET SPINNERS-By Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

Fidgeting with these toys, fidget spinners, takes no skill, you want to know more about them? Well now is your chance.


Fidget spinners are the new craze everywhere, everyone wants one, and they are mostly banned in schools. It has been on the news that these toys have been causing injuries. Kids have either knocked out their teeth, lost their eye or choked on these toys that we all thought looked pretty harmless.



This diagram shows what a regular fidget spinner looks like, and you might see why these toys have been banned in 90% of schools. They can come in different shapes and colours; some can even come rainbow oil-slicked or metal. They can also come with more or less than 3 sides, but, as the fidget spinner gets better looking or gets longer spinning time, they get more expensive. Some fidget spinners can get up to 1 million dollars. But, about 49% think it’s more fun and cheaper to make a DIY fidget spinner, rather than buying one from the shops.


Bearings of these toys are what makes the spinner actually spin.



Different types of bearings.                 Here, we take a look at what’s INSIDE the bearing.



Bearings of these toys can pop out easily and really cause problems. Either bearings or weights, they can still cause severe injuries.

A 10year-old girl was sitting in the back of her mother’s car. When the mother of this girl started to see red liquid coming out of her daughter’s mouth, she started getting very concerned and rushed her straight to hospital. What had happened was, that the daughter’s fidget spinner bearing had popped out, and had become wedged in her throat, and she needed surgery to get it removed.


Fidget spinners were actually invented for kids with ADHD and/or autism, but experts have recently found out that fidget spinners do not help with ADHD and/or autism at all.

The inventor is Catherine Hettinger. She is not actually making any money from her invention. She was suffering from an autoimmune disorder called myasthenia gravis. It causes muscle weakness, so she invented it because it was hard for her to play with her young daughter. So with this new invention, they can take turns spinning it, which can help them interact more. But, someone saw the invention of the fidget spinner, and made it their own, then, many companies started making them and they got rich from selling them.


These toys may seem tempting to play with, but take precautions. They may seem harmless, but seriously, they can severely injure you.




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Banned-Aren’t allowed

ADHD-Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Autism(ASD)-Complex development disorder that affects the brain

Autoimmune-When someone’s immune system attack’s their own body

Disorder-A medical condition that usually affects the body


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