100 wc-…then suddenly it went dark…

I was literally walking at 3:23 in the day, then suddenly it went dark… and all I could see was this monster, slowly, slowly walking towards me. Probably trying to kill me. I was scared. Really, really scared. This place is creepy. I can’t find the way out.

“Help! Help!” I scream.

“Where am I?!” I yell. “Help,” I was really panicking now. The monster was right behind me. I could feel it’s cold breath on the back of my neck.

I was huffing and puffing. My breath was getting scarce. I was really tired. The monster it’s-

All a dream.

100 WC-picture prompt (99)

“The Sibartinan Sasquatch is the biggest living myth alive,” said Ms. Green.

“Wow. Those footprints are huge!” I said.

“The biggest in the world,” Ms. Green said.

“Wow. I’d like to meet big foot one day,” I said.

“He is quite dangerous,” said Ms. Green. “No one hunts them because they are scared. They eat humans alive,”

We get on the bus and go home from the excursion. I was really excited to tell my parents all that I know.

While we were driving there, we saw more footprints. And alot of fur and a-

“Sasquatch!!!” Everyone screamed.