100wc-picture prompt

“Why did you smash that lightbulb???” Asked my mum angrily.

“I didn’t,” I said innocently.

“Go to your room! You are grounded!” my mum yelled.

I walked slowly to my room, hanging my head.

I slowly closed the door behind me. The lightbulb was in the hall way. I kept looking, and then, I saw little men fixing the lightbulb. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked. I rubbed my eyes, but no, I wasn’t imagining it. I walked out of my room slowly, not scaring the men away. I think one heard me, because it turned and waved.

Literacy circles-Connector connections-The game of the goose

Page 116 (Paragraph 3)-‘But she won’t wake up,’ whispered Rabbit. ‘It’s been hours. I’ve tried to wake her but she won’t get up.’ For a moment, the world became still. Rowley felt the breath stop in his throat. If I don’t breathe soon, he thought, I will choke. But if I do-

He gulped. He knelt down and leant over Fred. He reached out a hand and touched her skin. He bent right down and put his cheek on hers. He shut his eyes.

Then he sat up. He looked straight at Rabbit. ‘She’s dead,’ he said.

Text to self-I can connect to this, because for them it was kind of like a funeral for them, and I can connect, because I have been to a funeral.

Page 117 (Paragraph 5)-She was not alive. She had fallen and drowned in that horrible sea.

I can connect to this because a couple of days ago I saw on the news that someone drowned. Which means this can relate because it means people in real life are drowning in the sea.


BTN-Let the electricity flow

Stephen Gray invented a machine. A wooden frame that suspended two silk-rope swings. He also had a device, a ‘hauksbee machine’ to generate energy, which looks a little like this:



So there, at the Charterhouse, in front of a large audience of people, he got one of the orphan boys to lie across the two swings hanging from the wooden frame. He would place gold leaf in front of him. He was now able to generate energy and charged the boy through a connecting rod. Because of the generated power, gold leaf, even feathers lifted up to the boys fingers. Remember the audience? Well some of the audience members even claimed that they saw sparks while this was happening. But, Stephen Gray thought something else as well. Electricity could move. It came out of the machine, through the boys body and into his hands, which were making the gold leaves and feathers lift to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it. That meant the mysterious electrical fluid could flow through some things, but not through the hanging silk ropes. So this led Gray to divide our world into different types of substances, insulators and conductors. Insulators held electric charge inside them, and wouldn’t let it move. For example: Silk or hair. But electricity could flow through conductors, for example the boy or metals.

Fact 1: Energy was invented nearly 300 years ago.

Fact 2: Gold leaves can still be found in stores today.

Fact 3: Electricity can not travel through glass.

Question 1: Why would Stephen Gray get an audience to watch him create electricity?

Question 2: Was this like entertainment for them?

Wondering: I wonder what the bot felt after being used to make electricity.


CAMP-Recounts (Should have posted these a while ago, oops!)


I loved when we went surfing at camp. The experience we got was awesome. I really loved it because we got to catch waves and have so much fun in the water, and the coaches were very experienced and encouraging. All of them helped me catch a wave at least once when I was struggling to catch one. Even though I got some salt water in the mouth and the eyes, and copped a surfboard in the face 3 times, I still had great fun. It was also quite easy to learn, and now some of us may grow up to be very good at surfing, just from that one surf lesson.


I loved snorkelling because all the amazing creatures we got to see were extraordinary, I even found an interesting shell, and picked up several starfish. I felt very scared at the start of snorkelling because I had never done it before, but then I found out it was quite easy, just swimming and breathing. I also loved the feel of snorkelling goggles on my eyes. I studied all the fish carefully, and I think I saw the biggest starfish I have ever seen in my whole entire life. After that, snorkelling actually ended up to be my favourite part of camp, and one of the best things I’ve done ever.

My debate argument

Ladies and gentlemen I am going to leave you without a doubt in your mind that is it not important to save for rainy day and why our team – the negative team completely disagree with saving for a rainy day.

The first point I’m going to explain to you is that you’re better off spending the money you earn.  This benefits our economy in Australia and the world.  For example:   our third speaker Bridget buys dolls called ‘twozies’ that are made in China.  So the money that she spends helps a family in China whose parents work in the factory making the twozies.   Money is earnt to be spent to keep economies strong!


Let’s imagine for a moment that we do what our affirmative team have told us to do and we save for a rainy day.  We put all our money in a bank.  Imagine there is a problem with the banks and we lose all your money!  So let’s imagine that we don’t trust banks and we hide all our saved money in our house.

Now –  imagine the unthinkable … you get robbed!   All that saving would be for nothing.  You’d have to start saving again. And who knows? It could be lost or stolen AGAIN.  So you’d need to start saving AGAIN.   Who would like to keep doing that?  I know I wouldn’t!  Saving for a rainy day is way too risky.

The next point I’d like to explain is money is meant to be spent.  As our first speaker Tiia already explained to you we pay for lots and lots of insurances! Necessities such as food, clothes and bills such as gas and electricity all need money.  I could go on forever!

Tell me – after spending all that money just to stay alive and have a reasonable life, there is NOTHING left to save for a rainy day.


The affirmative team have told us it is important to save for a rainy day but what if you die young?

If you die young, it means you pretty much saved for a rainy day for nothing because the money you saved will be completely useless.   When you get money you should spend it on something that you enjoy while you’re still living. Enjoy your life , rather than save up.  Remember the old saying – We’re here for a good time not a long time!




So ladies and gentlemen:  after we consider the benefit to economies by spending, after we consider how risky saving money is in case you lose it, after we consider how hard it is to save with all the expenses we have and we consider that we may die young …you could not possibly tell me that you agree with the affirmative team.

Ladies and gentlemen – it is NOT important to save for a rainy day.

Prepared Speech

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am going to be talking to you today about taxes and why we have them.

As Benjamin Franklin said, there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. But what are taxes?
Besides being something that annoys my parents and something that they complain about a lot, taxes are a financial charge payable by a taxpayer.


There are many different types of taxes.  I’m going to explain just a few examples to you.


When you have a job and you work to make money, you pay taxes on the money that you earn in your job.  This is called income tax. There are different percentages that people pay depending on how much money they earn.


Another example of a type of tax is goods and services tax or GST.  GST is a percentage of the cost charged by whichever store you bought the item from. GST is typically adding 10% on most goods, services and other items consumed in Australia.


The government seems to be collecting a lot of money by asking people to pay all these different types of taxes, so what are they doing with all the money?

Taxes are used by our governments to invest in areas such as health care programs. Everyone hates getting sick, but at least when we’re sick we have a good health care system to make sure that we receive the best care possible.

Another area taxes are used to fund is technology systems such as the NBN. Our parents’ tax payer’s dollars are hard at work when we are getting our highest score on our favourite online game.

Taxes ensure that our roads that we drive on are well                   maintained and safe.


Did you know, that the taxpayer’s money pays for part of our schooling? That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, public schools such as ours are partly funded by taxpayer’s dollars.


My sister’s kinder group love going to the Brunswick library, and they can do so because libraries are funded by taxpayer’s money.

I live across the road from a park, I can ride my bike and play soccer in it-another example of the taxpayer’s money going towards something that can be enjoyed by our community.


As citizens of Australia, we have peace of mind that we are safe, because of our military. Guess what? Our military is also funded by taxpayer’s dollars.


Thank you for listening to my speech, I hope it wasn’t too taxing.



Tetrahedron. A word that people think is just a simple pyramid. If you think that then you are completely incorrect. It is a diamond pyramid shaped item that is so special. And guess what? While my dad, my brother and I were digging out in our garden, I found a tetrahedron. It turned out to be an ancient relic. According to legend it’s so beautiful and mesmerising, you can’t look at it for too long otherwise you may go blind.


We were slowly digging along, putting dirt into my dad’s trailer. I was shuffling the dirt around when something spiked my hand. I picked up what had jabbed me and brushed off all the dirt, but we still couldn’t see what it was. A shard of glass maybe? My brother and I washed it under the tap, then we finally saw what it was. It was like a little glass pyramid or something. It looked really old. We looked it up on the internet.  I was so excited when we found out that it was actually something called a tetrahedron, and it was actually made of diamond. Straight away I said it was mine, because I found it, and I didn’t want my brother to claim it as his. My dad tried to convince me to sell it. Apparently it was being sold for millions of dollars on eBay, but he could not convince me. It was the greatest find of my life.  Soon, the word spread. I got so many offers for my tetrahedron, but I always said no. A rich business man from South Africa contacted me. He explained that they have a lot of diamonds in south Africa, and he’d never seen one like it. He offered me a lot of money. I still said no. I was starting to get frustrated with all the offers. People were getting greedy. I started to think about my tetrahedron a lot. I was starting to wish that I had never found it. I’d had enough.

That night my brother and I went to bed.

A few hours passed and I woke him up. I knew everyone was asleep.

“It’s late,” He said.

“I’m getting rid of the tetrahedron,” I said.

“Good idea, it has been causing you a lot of trouble”

We snuck out and ran to town, where the big old well is. We stopped right in front of it. I went to throw it in.

“Wait,” said my brother. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes. I’m very sure,” I said, looking at the tetrahedron in my hand.

I threw it down into well and waited. I heard the plop of water as it finally reached the bottom.

“I hope I never see that ever again,” I say.

And I never did until years later, when I had forgotten about the tetrahedron, I picked up the newspaper and saw that on the front page, a 10 year-old boy had found a strange diamond in his front yard…

School Captain Speech

School Captain Application speech by Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis and I would like to be school captain for our school. I would be surprised if most of you have not at least heard of me because I have a bit of a weird name that people always comment on and I’ve also been at Moonee Ponds Primary School since prep.


Before I tell you why I believe I would be a great school captain, let me tell you a little bit about myself.


My personal interests include playing soccer (I play in a team), playing down ball, writing stories, building Lego and reading books. Another personal interest I have is old cars.  Our family go to a lot of car shows and my parents both have old cars.  I also have HEAPS of model cars that I have on display.  I am also very interested in art and I love drawing.  I have a massive art portfolio now.  It’s over flowing in my bedroom cupboard.


I have a brother Atticus who is also at our school.  He is in grade 2.  I also have a sister – Lulamae who is starting prep at the school next year as well.


I think that I’m a very strong candidate to be the captain of the school.  I know the school well and care about the school.  I also have not missed much school, my attendance is excellent.

I have many valuable traits that will make me an excellent school captain. For example; I am very approachable.  I can talk to you about any topic you like including listening to your problems or troubles.  I understand that sometimes adults just don’t get it but kids have an understanding of each other.

I encourage inclusion. I want everyone to feel they are part of our school community.  I was voted in as vice-captain of the winter sports soccer team. I made sure everyone got an opportunity to play in every match by swapping around the players.  I encourage people and never put them down or make them feel they cannot do something.  I don’t need to remind anyone here that our winter sports soccer team LOST every week!  But I always made sure our team was in good spirits by encouraging all the players and keeping a positive “we can do it” attitude.

Another of my strengths includes working well in groups, for example; in reciprocal teaching, I am good at leading group discussions and listening patiently to people’s suggestions and ideas.  I always try to be optimistic and caring in class, helping others if they don’t understand something.

I am the oldest child in my family and try to lead my example so I am very organised. I always get to school on time, and always get my homework done.  I do all my chores and coach my brother and my sister on doing theirs as well.

Another strong point I have is my ability to learn new skills quickly and willingly.  I am open to new learning experiences.  I had no idea how to do fencing and so I joined the fencing club.  I got quite good at it!  I was also asked to join a dance group.  I was a little nervous but I went along and found that it was a lot of fun and I now have another set of skills I did not have before.


Another trait I think I have that is important for being a leader such as the School Captain is courage.  I have been in situations where I have had to demonstrate courage and though sometimes it’s scary I think I have handled it well.  This is a bit of a strange example but Aaliyah asked me to go to an Ethiopian restaurant with her for dinner.   I was really worried!  I kept asking my parents “what food is that, what do they eat, what are we going to have” but when I thought about it I thought it would be great to try something different and new.  So we went along to the restaurant and we tried to eat everything!  We ate really weird bread (tasted sour), we ate goat in spicy sauce, beef with vegetables in it and we had to eat with our hands…no forks!  I’ve never done that before.

To be a School Captain, you need to be able to communicate.  I think I am an excellent communicator.  I am not afraid to talk in front of a crowd.  Sometimes people might say I can communicate too much because I do talk a lot.  I have had the opportunity to use this skill this year because I have a prep buddy.  When we play games I am good at telling my buddy how to play it and making sure he listens and understands.   I also got to show my communication skills with our science project this year.  I did very well at speaking in front of our class, showing the class our project and explaining all the information.

I am a great listener.  When I am listening to information I make sure I understand by asking questions.  If I was school captain, I am willing to listen to student requests.  Where I can help I would be willing to represent you and act upon them.

Being the oldest kid in my family has meant that I am naturally a very good leader and I have a good sense of responsibility.  I try to “think before I do”.  I don’t act irresponsibly and I try to be mature and reasonable as much as I can.

I try to respect other people’s interests and personalities as much as I can. I try to care for all the students I meet and try to be as friendly as I can.  As our school values say – respect optimism care and collaboration.  I always try to act respectfully, in a caring way and collaborating with other people.

So I can’t promise you that if I am school captain we will get chocolate and lollies every recess and get 2 hours for lunch time instead of 50 minutes but I can promise you that if I get this leadership position I will put in an amazing effort.  I would also take the position of school captain seriously but I will bring to this role individuality that only I can bring.

I would be pleased, proud and honoured to represent our students of Moonee Ponds Primary School as the school captain.


Thank you all for listening.



100 wc-…so what lies ahead of… (99)

“So what lies ahead of us is the oldest person in the world,” said Mr. Harvor. “Does anyone have any questions?”

“Ahh, yeah…” I said. “Where is this person?”

“Well obviously, he’s dead,” He said.

“You said ‘is the oldest person in the world’, you mean ‘was’ the oldest person in the world,’ ” I said.

“YA YEET!” I screamed.

“Don’t say YA YEET in the museum please!!!” He said.

“Shh. Before you said no yelling,” I whisper.

“Ahh.. there’s other stuff for us to see Sir,” said someone in our class.

“Yes. Let’s move on,” he said.