100 wc-…When all of a sudden…

“I’m on level 99! I’m so good, I’m so good,” I said.

When all of a sudden…the screen turned black.

“I was going so well! Now I need to start over again!” I yelled.

“Do your homework. It’s due tomorrow,” said  mum.

“What??? I have to go,”

I zoomed around the house looking for things to use for my science homework, because the science fair is tomorrow!

I rushed and rushed. In the end, I was so tired. So I slept. I went to school that day, and after it I finished 59th place. Better than last. Poor Timmy. Last again!

100 WC-Lime,excitedly, overboard,rat, clock

I’m going to 711. You know why? I’m  going to get a lime slurpee. They’re my favorite. Need to get home, the clock says 5:30. I walked out with my slurpee, and of course, the bully is here to humiliate me.

“Hey, dirty rat, drinkin’ another snot slurpee, huh?” he jeered. His gang let out a laugh.

“You’re the only rat I see here,” I said. “Somebody call the fire department, because you just got burned!” I laughed and walked past him.

He really goes overboard . I excitedly ran home ready to tell mum and dad that I finally dealt with the bully.

100 wc-Picture prompt

My goal is to try to not get over 100 words.

This is awesome! I love the fair, it happens every year. My favourite ride is the merry go round. I always get fairy floss, go on the bouncy castle then go on the merry go round.  I am now going to get fairy floss! It’s the best, right? It sweet and sticky, it’s just really great. After my snack I go straight to the bouncy castle. I really have fun on that, because, out of all my friends I bounce highest. I’m going to my favourite ride now. But the horses are gone! Geez what a great day it’s been!

The Bushman

The water was rising to my mouth. It was really high now, I am in a huge tank, stuck. The water just keeps filling up, I am definitely going to die. Drown. Clunk!! Wait,

what’s that? The top of the tank fell down.

“Help!” I screamed. “Help!”

I hoped that someone would come and-

“Hey, kid, grab my hand!” A man’s voice suddenly said.

I quickly reached up and grabbed his hand. He heaved, single handedly pulling me out of the tank. I had water everywhere. In my shoes, my ears and in more unexpected places.

“Thank you so much for saving me, I would have been drowned to death,” I said.

“It’s alright kid. That’s my job, saving people in need,” He said.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“The name’s Rick Bones, but you can call me Rick,” Rick said.

“Where do you come from? I have never seen you in town before,” I asked.

“I’m a Bushman,” Rick said. “I live in the bush. When I hear that call for help, I try to get to them as quickly as I can, that’s why you need to be a fast runner, sometimes you have to run faster than other times,” Rick said.

“Help!” An anonymous girl’s voice screamed.

“Someone’s in trouble!” Rick said.

He started running as fast as ever.

“I’ll come too!” I yelled. I ran as fast as I could after Rick. Soon, after about five minutes of running, we came to a stop.

“Help!” The girl screamed again.

“Hold on!” Rick said. “I’m coming!”

The woman had one of her legs stuck in a hole, and something was gnawing at it.

“A blasted Tasmanian Devil,” Rick said. “Kid, help me,”

“My name is Billy,” I said. “Not ‘kid’. OK?”

“Come on, let’s pull her out before her leg is completely gone,” Rick said.

We quickly pulled her out. Her leg wasn’t gone, but it was bleeding. Rick wasn’t done, though. He threw A knife down the hole, and it stabbed the Tasmanian Devil in the face. Blood flew up out of the hole, then Rick shoved his hand in and pulled the bloody knife right out of the Tasmanian Devil’s face.

“Ow,” The girl said, touching the bleeding bites on her leg.

“We’ll get that fixed for you,” Rick said.

He reached into his little leather bag slung over his shoulder and pulled out some bandages and tissues. He wrapped the bandage slowly around her leg and patted some tissues gently on it.

” Who are you two?” She asked.

“Rick. Rick Bones,” Said Rick.

“Billy. Billy Wesley,” I said.

“Alisha,” Alisha said.

“Alisha who?” I asked.

“Why would I tell you? I don’t even know you. You’re just two bush weirdos,” she said, rudely.

“How about a thank you? We saved you. You probably wouldn’t be able to walk if it wasn’t for us, you don’t have to be so rude about it either,” Rick said.

She mumbled something under her breath that we couldn’t hear.

“Pardon?” Rick said.

“Thank you! You happy now?!” she yelled angrily.

“So, you gonna stick with us for the night?” I asked.

“I guess so,” Alisha said, sighing.

“Well let’s get movin’. Next stop, somewhere to camp,” Rick said, excitedly.

We walked for hours and hours to find a good campsite.

“Hey, this looks nice,” Said Alisha.

“Yeah,” I said in agreement.

“Yeah,” Rick echoed.

We stopped and laid our stuff down for the night.

“Wake up!!!” Rick and Alisha yelled.

“Why?” I asked sleepily.

“We need to find something to eat and then be ready to answer help calls,” Rick said.

So annoyingly we had to go and look for food at 5:00 to look for food. At least we were getting something to eat, I’m starving.

“Found some food. Bush food,” Rick said.

I looked at what he was holding. It was like a giant grub.

“Yuck! I am not eating that…thing,” Said Alisha.

“Billy?” Asked Rick hopefully.

“No,” I said.

“It’s just a witchetty grub,” Rick said. ” More for me then,”

He stuffed the disgusting grub into his mouth.

“Let’s just go,” I said. “I think I might have to-” I said.

“Puke?” Alisha asked. “Same,”

We both went and puked. Yuck!

“Help!” A woman’s voice screamed.

“The call! Let’s move!” Yelled Rick.

“By the way,” Alisha said. “It’s Alisha Allen,”

She went and ran straight after Rick.


Project reflection-Dromedary Camel


In term 2 we have been learning about animal and plant adaptations. Me and my partner, Asantha, did the Dromedary Camel. We have learnt a lot about the Dromedary Camel and its unique adaptations.

Science Knowledge:

I learned this term that there are two types of adaptations. Structural adaptations and behavioural adaptations. Structural adaptations are adaptations that animals are born with. (E.g: Dromedary camels are born with long eyelashes). Behavioural adaptations are adaptations that animals do to help them survive in the desert. (E.g: Camels look around with their long neck just in case of predators). These Dromedary Camel will always have these unique adaptations and they will always help them survive in their harsh, humid conditions.

Science Inquiry Skills:

The question we created was: If the Dromedary Camel doesn’t have its invisible eyelids, can it cope in a sandstorm?

Personal & Social Capabilities:

One of my personal strengths is art and that helped me I my project to do the annotated diagram.  I feel that another one of my strengths is speaking up in front of others.  I am good in partnerships – in the end my partner and I made a very interesting and informative project.

Asantha and I tried to help each other as much as we could.  We both have different skills for example I am not a very quick typist and Asantha is an is not very good at drawing and I am so we worked well together.  Between us we had a lot of knowledge so we had a lot of facts in the end for our project.

In the beginning, Asantha was not confident to present.  He was insisting that he would not be involved in the final presentation.  This made me nervous because I thought I would need to do the whole project presentation by myself.  By the end of the project Asantha presented and this gave me confidence as well.  He did not let me down.

The balance of work in project was very even.  We tried to share out the roles as equally as we can.  Asantha suggested that to make the power point much more interesting we needed more facts.  So we looked at a lot of difference web sites.  We also used a book – we were one of the only groups that used a book in our bibliography!

A team is affective when the work load is shared between each member, when the members are optimistic towards each other and they work together well without many distractions or arguments.

You have to show leadership if you are the year 6 of the partnership because the year 5 may get off track at some point, and it is the year 6’s job to make sure they stay focused and do their work.

A good leader can distribute the work evenly among the members of the partnership.

If one member of the team did not contribute or do something they were asked to do this could cause conflict because the other team member has been let down. A strategy to prevent this type of conflict is to set goals, write reminders and have regular communication with the team.

3 Facts about the Dromedary Camel

Three facts I have about the Dromedary Camel are that the Dromedary Camel has very long eyelashes, so when there is a sandstorm in the desert, they never get any sand in their eye.

They have big pads on the bottoms of their feet so they don’t sink into the sand while they’re walking.

And they also have thick lips and a tough throat so they can eat spiky plants sticks and bones.

2 Understandings:

I understand that the Dromedary Camel has it’s hump to store blubber, which is then used as energy.

I also understand that the Dromedary Camel has it’s hoofs so they can walk on the sand of the desert without sinking.

1 Wondering:

I would like to know how many babies a female Dromedary Camel can have.