100 WORD CHALLENGE-…the water just kept gushing out…

I was in the kitchen, washing my hands, the water from the tap just came out. The water just kept gushing out and it would not stop. This is how it happened.

Me and my brother were kicking a soccer ball around in the kitchen, and it kept hitting the sink. I don’t know what we were thinking but we just kept going. Soon, the tap snapped right off, and our whole house was completely flooded. That is why we are bending down, on our knees, wiping up all drenched pieces of furniture and other house items. Worst day ever!!!



Every time I play video games, something weird happens. I turn into a girl. I mean, it’s so weird, right? It’s a really big problem. And get this, I LOVE video games, so it’s hard not to play them.

Life as a girl isn’t that bad. I actually find it fun. But my hair grows longer and it makes me look really, really stupid. I don’t know if it’s a curse or a spell or something, but I want to find out what it is and stop it.

My parents don’t know yet, and I really want to tell them, but if they catch me as a girl, they will FLIP OUT! Ok, right now I’m in my room, of course, playing video games. I know what you’re thinking, why would I be playing video games if that’s what causes the problem? I am because it’s usual for me to play video games on Saturdays, and if I’m not, my parents might get suspicious.

“Greg, dinner!” my mum yells.

“Ah…just…ah…wait, please,” I reply anxiously.

“Why?” asked my mum, suspiciously. “I’m gonna come up there, honey,”

I could hear her footsteps. I quickly hid in my closet. She opened my bedroom door…