100 wc-The slime dripped through (101)

My goal is to always re-read my 100wc’s when I am finished.

I went up to my new neighbour’s house. It looks kind of spooky. Maybe I should just drop the box of chocolates and card and run. Or should I say hi?

OK, I can do this. KNOCK! CREAAK!

“Hi, I’m Jim, I-” I said.

I ran back home. This was too creepy.

“Mum. I am scared of that house,” I said.

“OK,” said my mum.

“I kept reading my comic ‘As the slime dripped through’. “Gee. That house is too scary. I’m not going there again,” I shuddered.

One thought on “100 wc-The slime dripped through (101)

  1. Hi,
    I really liked how you made sure to punctuate your piece at the end. You could have wrote a bit more considering that you only have around 80 words. I also like how you used dialog correctly.

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