BTN-Weedy sea dragons

15 Kilometres from Sydney, is what they call ‘dragon territory’. If you jump in, you can see the weedy sea dragons. They are interesting little creatures that float around amongst the seaweed. They are native to Australia and they are related to the sea horse. They can be found in the waters mostly off the east and south coast. They drift around in the water and they blend in with the kelp and seaweed. But, they are becoming harder and harder to find, and not just because of their good hiding skills. They used to be quite common on the north side of Sydney, but now they are not common at all. If you’re lucky, you can see one, but sometimes, you don’t see any. Instead of catching them and tagging them, all of the ones that are found, they are asking the finders to take pictures of them and send them in. They are using special software to look at the special, unique patterns on their bodies. They give them names every time they get a new pattern. Weedy sea dragons are classified as near threatened. But scientists think that this research could provide enough information to get them listed as endangered. They think that climate change is part of the problem. The rising temperatures kill the kelp, and it leaves them homeless.

100 WORD CHALLENGE-…in the flash of lightning I saw…

It’s quiet. Too quiet. I creep up to Mum and Dad’s room to see if they’re there. They are, but they aren’t moving. I tap Dad on the back.

He doesn’t budge. I go back to my room. Weird. I keep reading my book. It’s called the ‘Storm Keepers’, and it’s a really  good book. It explains a lot about flashes of lightning and thunderstorms. “…in the flash of lightning I saw… ” I read.

As I read that, a huge flash of lightning zapped through my room. In the white light, I could see…My cat??!! Tiddles!!!

“What are you doing?”

Melbourne Aquarium

We have been learning about adaptations in our science topic. I picked the Gentoo Penguin. They are adapted to their environments. Their fins help them glide through the water. Their webbed feet also help them glide through the water. Their claws help them walk on the snow without sinking into it. Their many layers of feathers help them keep warm. Their feathers have oil on them to not get wet while swimming in the water. I wonder why the feathers have oil on them? Why do they not want to get their feathers wet?


BTN-Tasmanian Devils

A few years ago, BTN reported that the Tasmanian Devils were suffering from a life threatening disease. Many zoos have been trying to keep them alive by using a special breeding program, that might save their lives. Tasmanian Devils population has been cut down by more than 80% and they are now an endangered species. People believed that Tassie Devils died out a long time ago, to be precise, about 400 years ago.

Tasmania used to be the only place where you could find Tassie Devils in the wild, but when Europeans settled in, the animals were being hunted because they were eating all the settler’s chickens. Now, Tasmanian Devils are protected by law. But, since the mid 90s, they have been suffering from a very bad disease. It’s called the Facial Devil Tumour  Disease, and it’s a special kind of cancer, because it’s contagious. We don’t know what causes it, but it happens when the devils bite and scratch each other. The tumours build up around their face and mouth, and it spreads, till it gets so bad, that the devil can’t eat, then, the devils sadly starve to death. Once they have gotten it, they usually only have 6 months to live. Tasmanian Devil babies are called joeys, and are no bigger than a grain of rice. The mother usually has 30 babies, but because it only has 4 teats, only 4 of the babies make it. So far in the Devil’s breading program, they have breaded more than 50 joeys. But it has been a bit challenging, because for some reason, devils born in captivity don’t get pregnant as easily.  The zoo keepers don’t know why, but they are finding out. The goal is to bread a bigger population of Tassie devils, incase the ones in the wild die out. As the disease spreads, we are still finding the cause and the cure to this horrible disease. Otherwise, the ones we see in captivity, will be the last ones we see.

100 WORD CHALLENGE-Picture prompt (102)

In the land of paper machee, we have to eat quickly, and I’m not saying we have to always eat fast food, we only eat that on special occasions, but we have to eat super quickly other wise we will fall into a big blob of paper. Today it was my birthday, so I was going to FAT JOE’S BURGERS, which is my favourite burger place. I only have half an hour before I melt, but I think that’s enough time. Yes, I’m in. OK let’s get a burger.

15 minutes later…

My god. This burger is the best one I’ve tasted. YUM!


Australia is the second biggest producer of rubbish in the world. Every year, each average Australian throws out almost 700kg of rubbish. Most of the stuff goes to landfill. Some stuff takes years to break down. It’s a big problem, but we can help it. People from *keesap are going to a near by school to show them how much rubbish they throw out each day. Many things that were in there were interesting. A ton of it was fruit that has just been bitten once and chucked, and some of it hadn’t even been touched one bit. They are weighing how much rubbish there is and reducing how much goes to landfill. There are places that rubbish is dumped ALOT. If it was all spread out, it could cover all of Victoria!! In the old days, there was only one bin for all the rubbish, and it all went to landfill, but now we have three separate bins. One for recycling, for the things that can be recycled, there’s a green waste bin, for plants and food scraps that can me made into compost and there is the general waste bin, things that aren’t recyclable and are not plants or food scraps. At the recycling plant they have to sort out the rubbish, some with machines, and some by hand. We all need to watch what is filling up our bins.

*I did not know how to spell ‘keesap’


I was in my room. My wide room. I was doing a word-search with an orange highlighter.

“I’m sooo bored,” I said. I got up and had a nap. I was tired. I cuddled my crocodile plushy.

I had a bad dream. I was trapped. The spirits within were enslaving me. I had to do a TON of jobs, that were really hard. I had to do all the 100 jobs before the room collapsed on me. I woke up.

“Jeez, I’m lucky that it didn’t collapse on me,” I said.

“Dinner!” my mum yelled.

“Coming mum!” I yelled back.

BTN- Message in a bottle

Sadie Parsons threw a bottle into the ocean on the 31 of October 2015. A boy, Tristan, found this bottle on Hunger head beach. But, this hasn’t been the only finding of a message in a bottle before. The bottle that travelled for the longest time travelled for 108 years and washed up on a German beach. Sadie is from America and Tristan is Aussie, so this bottle travelled at least 4,000 ks. Tristan was just having a normal day walking across the beach when he found the bottle. Then, he soon realised that it had a message in it. The bottle was covered in barnacles and they needed a bottle opener to take off the cork. And, if the bottle was found in 2017, this bottle has been floating for 1 and a half years. Eventually, Sadie and Tristan got to talk over the phone, and they soon hope to meet in person. I understand that Tristan and Sadie are very excited to make new friends. Some bottles can take a few months to wash up, and some can take years. It all depends on if the ocean’s rough or smooth, or the amount of storms that happen to that ocean. Imagine finding a bottle that had been floating in the ocean for 1 and a half years. It would be amazing.

100 wc- I just couldn’t eat something so…

My goal is to have more description in my 100 word  challenges.

It’s lunchtime at school. I open my lunch box to see what I have.  A sandwich .

“This sandwich looks delicious,” I said.

I lifted it to my face and looked what was inside. I was expecting peanut butter and jelly. But this sandwich had creepy crawlies in it. I just couldn’t eat something so… Disgusting!  I went home and  asked mum about the sandwich. “Did you put peanut butter and jelly in my sandwich today?”

“Yes. That’s what you’re getting for the rest of the year,”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I yelled. “Buggy peanut butter and jelly for the rest of the year,”