100 word challenge-picture prompt

“Oh, this water drop is heavy. How can I push this all the way home?” I muttered to myself.


“Almost there, and, done!” I said, I walked  into my house.

“Where have you been?” asked  mum.

“Pushing that water drop,”

So, I’m an ant. A wimpy little ant. My job is pushing water drops really long distances, then coming home. I know what you’re thinking, it’s the worst job ever. And we always get kids running in here trying to pick us up. Oh, here they come now. I can hear distant voices. One kid picks me up, then drops me back down. Squish! And that’s my story.

100 word challenge-Picture prompt (24 words over, oopsies)

I was in the museum. I know, another Booooooooring field trip. We walked along as Ms. Murphy yammered on about what people believed in a long time ago, people walking through walls and all that blah. I started ignoring her after the first minute. (Itch, itch) Oh yeah, I’ve also got an itch.

Tap. Someone taps me on the shoulder I spin around. Nothing. Then I see a stone figure wave at me. I blink. That can’t be there.

I look back and see one or two of the figures walk through the wall.

“I’m telling you, it’s true,”

“OK, I have 3 words. YOU ARE CRAZY!” Says my brother, Derek.

“Fine. According to you, it isn’t true,”

I shrug and walk to my room.