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Ahn Do travelled on a ship from Vietnam to Australia at the age of two. They were at see for 5 days and had 2 pirate attacks. A pirate dangles Anh Do’s brother, Khoa Do over the side of the ship. But, at last minute, spares his life. And if that hadn’t happened, Ahn Do’s brother wouldn’t have become the 2005 Young Australian of the year. A German ship came and was going to save them, but they had to be sinking. So the German captain handed Ahn Do’s dad an axe, and he made a hole in the side of the boat and then they started taking everyone on board. I understand that Anh Do and his family were treated very well when they arrived, because they treated refugees better back then than now. Some nuns from Saint Vinnies came and gave them a huge bag of clothes. Several of Anh Do’s uncles fought in the Vietnam war, so they had to move, because his uncles weren’t on the winning side. One of Anh Do’s uncles was a sapper, who cleared land mines for American and Australian soldiers. Why did Anh Do become a comedian? Did he choose to?

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  1. Zede great facts it was good, you followed what the video said. Let me give some advice, highlight the different parts as questions, facts and understanding and do color code.

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