100 word challenge (102)-Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

“It’s a beautiful day outside, why don’t we go to the park and look at some wildlife! I’ll go get the camera,” said my lame dad.

“Dad, I’m on the really hard level in War Wizard 2, just let me finish,”

The screen went black.

“Hey!” I said.

“We’re going,” said my dad. I groaned.

“I’m worried I might get skin cancer,” I said making up an excuse.

“We’re going, and that’s final.

“While we were driving there I just stared at all the boring, brown trees.

“Tree. Tree. Tree…” I said counting the trees.


“Oh no. A tree,”

“I hate trees!”

One thought on “100 word challenge (102)-Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

  1. I really liked the start it made me want to know more but maybe next time you could add more excitement near the end but otherwise i enjoyed your story

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