Video watch-Anh Do

Ahn Do travelled on a ship from Vietnam to Australia at the age of two. They were at see for 5 days and had 2 pirate attacks. A pirate dangles Anh Do’s brother, Khoa Do over the side of the ship. But, at last minute, spares his life. And if that hadn’t happened, Ahn Do’s brother wouldn’t have become the 2005 Young Australian of the year. A German ship came and was going to save them, but they had to be sinking. So the German captain handed Ahn Do’s dad an axe, and he made a hole in the side of the boat and then they started taking everyone on board. I understand that Anh Do and his family were treated very well when they arrived, because they treated refugees better back then than now. Some nuns from Saint Vinnies came and gave them a huge bag of clothes. Several of Anh Do’s uncles fought in the Vietnam war, so they had to move, because his uncles weren’t on the winning side. One of Anh Do’s uncles was a sapper, who cleared land mines for American and Australian soldiers. Why did Anh Do become a comedian? Did he choose to?

100 word challenge (102)-Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

“It’s a beautiful day outside, why don’t we go to the park and look at some wildlife! I’ll go get the camera,” said my lame dad.

“Dad, I’m on the really hard level in War Wizard 2, just let me finish,”

The screen went black.

“Hey!” I said.

“We’re going,” said my dad. I groaned.

“I’m worried I might get skin cancer,” I said making up an excuse.

“We’re going, and that’s final.

“While we were driving there I just stared at all the boring, brown trees.

“Tree. Tree. Tree…” I said counting the trees.


“Oh no. A tree,”

“I hate trees!”

100 WORD CHALLENGE (101)-But how can something be so tiny

I was walking in the schoolyard and I spotted a really tiny thing, it wasn’t the first time I’d seen it. The same tiny thing seemed to follow me around everywhere. I saw it at the park , at home and a lot of other places. I put my face close to it.

“Hello there-” I started.

“Hey what you doin’,” my big brother said.

“Go away,” I said. “Come on little guy,” I got it on my hand.

“Hey Fred, I said, “Cop this,”

I threw the thing at his face.

“Ahhh! He screamed “How can a caterpillar be so tiny?”

BTN- federation explained

Australia is a unique country, but, back in 1642, a Dutch explorer, Able Tasman came across Tasmania. And if he stayed, we all might be speaking Dutch right now! Australia, which is what we know it as now, was not foundered or claimed since 1770. Captain James Cook claimed a chunk of Australia ‘Great Britain’. They created colonies, and by the 1850’s, there were 6  colonies. But, out of all 6, Great Britain towered over them, it was the boss. They all shared the same continent, and had their own defence forces, trade policies and some even had their own transportation! (as in trains etc)

And, you couldn’t travel by train between Melbourne and Brisbane, because some of the tracks were different widths! I understand that the trains back then were very different to the ones now.

See! Look at the difference.

I understand that Great Britain suddenly felt sorry for the other colonies, and so they joined all together.

But, before that, the colonies with more senators, Victoria and New South Wales didn’t let any of the smaller, poorer colonies have any money, and they really need it. The smaller colonies were worried that the bigger ones would get too much power. Way later, Great Britain let all the smaller colonies go.

Captain Arthur Phillip raising the flag.


100 WORD CHALLENGE-why i’m always last

So, when I was at school, on one SUPER hot day, I was sitting in the middle of a history lesson with Mr. Borne, the slowest talking teacher in the WHOLE WORLD! I think, I probably could have gone to the toilet 1000 times!!! Anyway, so I was sitting there, daydreaming, and I started to hear music. Ice-cream truck music.

“ICE-CREAM!!!” My whole class yelled.

Everyone poured out of the room running and yelling.

“Settle down class,” said Mr. Borne.

But every kid just ignored him. Of course, I sit at the back of the room. “That’s why I’m always last,”

pathos logos ethos

Pathos: Yellow    Logos: Green    Ethos: Orange

CHILD: Dad, can I change the fish’s name to Jimmy Felon?

DAD: No. Definitely not.

CHILD: Why Jimmy Felon is so cool, and the name ‘Fish and Chips’ is boring, and… kind of offensive to fish. We need to make Jimmy Felon welcome, because he’s been excluded, so we can make him live with us by naming the fish after him. Do you want our fish to die because we’ll just be thinking about fish and chips all the time?

It is an amazing, awesome and absolute idea.

DAD: Well…

CHILD: I searched on the internet, and Jimmy Felon is so uncommon, that no-one’s fish is named that, so we’d be unique. Guess what, 99.9% haven’t named their pets Jimmy Felon.

DAD: I’m still kind of not sure…

CHILD: I know a lot about fish and I will be responsible and feed him every day, instead of you, I promise, and I will be safe and responsible with him. I’ll be responsible, reliable and ready to work.

DAD: OK, you can name the fish Jimmy Felon.


video watch/btn

Two soldiers steal cloth. They run and get caught, but the thing is, they want to get caught. They think that the life of a convict is a better life than the life of a guard, they think they’d get a better lives if they were convicts. The convicts get a pay that is agreed on. The governer thinks that these 2 should have a much harsher punishment. Instead of getting transported for 7 years, they both had hard labour in chains for 7 years. One of the guards, Sudd, gets very ill and suffers from bloated body parts. He gets taken to the hospital and the chains are removed. 5 days later, Sudd dies in agony. Everyone thinks that the governor is the cause of Sudd’s death, but he says Sudd was already ill. This will keep him on the ropes.

100 WORD CHALLENGE- mother nature

When people tell you that Mother Nature created the world, do you believe them? Because for some reason I think it’s nonsense.

” Dad, who created the world?” I ask my dad one Friday night. He glanced over from his computer.

“Mother Nature,” said my dad.

“It’s definitely BALONEY!” I yelled. I stormed off to my room. Why do they believe that crud? I thought. I’m gonna prove that she did not create the earth.

When I was walking, I noticed something quite peculiar. A tree, a big one, merged out of the ground.

I could see fingers too.

“She’s… real…?”



These videos were both about the first fleet arriving at Australia and the aboriginals thinking that the english were evil. Poor people stole to survive, but there were too many people, so they needed ships to move them. So more than 700 people were crammed on the ships, including 17 kids. They were very sick because the places were hot and humid, and all the water had to be rashioned. They were hungry and very thirsty and I felt very sorry for them. That was the 19th. Then,7 days later, they found a good place to stay. Captain Arthur Phillip planted the flag, and it became England’s country.