Dear Libby


Hello, my name is Zedekai, I am 9 {almost 10, but still 9}. I have really liked reading for a long time. My favourite book is the book that I got for Christmas last year, it is ‘The Marvels’ by Brian Selznick.

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I loved it so much because of all the mysteries and ideas that unfolded every time I turned a page.
I have had a really fun time in 5/6, even know we are only the second week in. I am really looking forward to the rest of this probably awesome year. My family has 5 people in it. So, there is my mum, Linda, really good cook and very creative, my dad, Michael, funny, and really eager about maths, there’s my brother, Atticus, who now loves collecting and playing Pokémon, and there’s my sister, Lulamae, who loves Atticus and I reading books to her like ‘Hairy Maclairy from Donaldson’s dairy’. And I also have a dog, Chi-Chi, a Pomeranian Chihuahua.
I have been complimented that I am a good drawer, so I have been practising drawing, by drawing for Atticus. After I saw my older cousins’ (Nicholas and Christian’s) drawings, I was inspired, and wanted to start right away. The cousin closer to my age, Arran, is a writer, he and other kids published a book called ‘WRIT BITS’, with his story, Daredevil, in it. Now he has actually asked me to draw in his new book, ‘Mystics’, which is exiting. Arran is a great person, always teaching me things. Now, he is teaching me ventriloquism, my favourite ventriloquist is Paul Zerdin. And as I said earlier, I am really excited about 5/6, and I hope I will be a good student to teach.
From Zedekai.
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Safer internet day

The webinar asked you a bunch of questions, which you had to answer sensibly to with your partner.

My partner was Tom, and him and I thought we did well together. We answered all of them correctly, without doing or saying something rude or stupid. It was actually quite fun, answering all the questions that most of us new about. So, it was about a kid who wanted to enter this made up competition. She won and became famous and got a digital footprint. When she sent it the video of her on  FunTube  and when people saw it they subscribed. Soon she got heaps of subscribers, and people started sending comments. Some nice saying ‘well done’, but some were very rude saying ‘you suck’. They  asked you what to do in that situation, most people replied ‘block them and tell a trusted adult’. You can contact the kids helpline if you are worried. Some other people got involved with being mean by asking for a picture with the girl who won, then scribbling all over face saying ‘#selfie with #ugliest lollylab #winner’. But we did have fun. thanks 4 reading!!!! from zezdo 23 dee boss. 🙂 🙂 🙂